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Originally published on Facebook on Monday, 28 May 2012

Long term 2000AD readers may have wondered why those early Dan Dares by Bellardinelli and Dave Gibbons have never been reprinted.

I can shed a little light on this – it’s because the name ‘Dan Dare’ is owned by another company who own the DD rights.

I’ve noticed that the early 2000AD trade paperback collections sell very well and I’m sure Dan Dare would be no exception, so I offered this suggestion to Rebellion: How about if the logo was taken off the story and the name “Dare” deleted in the dialogue.  It could be replaced – where necessary – by “Commander” and a title like Space Commander used instead; with a subtitle like “Journey to Jupiter” for the first story.

It may or may not be necessary to amend/remove the DD on his chest in those early episodes by Bellardinelli.  Obviously some of the later DD’s by Dave Gibbons which featured the Mekon couldn’t be included; but I think it still leaves quite a number of stories and pages.

On the plus side, the drawback to those 2000AD DD stories was that they had no connection whatsoever with the original Hampson DD universe and thus could be read as space stories in their own right. Also, I remember they were popular when they first appeared – although never a “number one” story.

When I talked to Rebellion, they could see where I was coming from, but I doubt they’ll do anything because it’s uncharted publishing territory and there may be all kinds of drawbacks I haven’t anticipated.  And it wouldnt be much fun for the art editor either, ploughing through all those pages and deleting the name ‘Dan’ etc.

Anyway, I thought I’d mention it in case anyone felt it would work for them, or they can see a better solution.  If so, I’ll be sure to pass your comments onto Rebellion.  I guess if there was enough interest they might be persuaded to go for it.

Personally, I’d love to see some of those amazing spreads by Bellardinelli again – especially  London of the Future  where the city has been greened, there are animals grazing near Big Ben  and teleport stations have replaced the London Underground.

2 thoughts on “DAN DARE IN 2000AD

  1. I would love to read these stories, I didn’t come on board 2000 AD until Prog 500 (although I’ve never left since). Prior to being a 2000 AD reader I was a big fan of Eagle, ever since its 80’s relaunch.

    Return of the Mekon, The Dare Report and, particularly, Fireflight remain some of my best loved strips of all time. I would love to hear any recollections you have of working on this strips, Pat.

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