Delighted that Finn is being reprinted in the next Megazine.  Jim Elston’s art was fabulous.  Finn  was very popular – in fact, at the end of his run more popular than Slaine.  So i asked the editor at the time, Dave Bishop, if he wanted the character to continue. No, he said without explanation.  I never found out why but I’m pretty certain  it  was because some readers were complaining vehemently about Finn in the letters page being a sinister witch and saying his authentic pagan practises were a bad example to readers.  (In a comic with Judge Dredd?!  FFS!)  The editor actually encouraged some pretty ferocious  letters criticising creators – in my opinion because it “cut us down to size”.  Bizarre.  Anyway, Finn will be in the Megazine soon and you can make up your own mind.  But don’t copy him!  Or they’ll never reprint the second volume!


  1. I was telling a friend about the Finn series. He commented that it sounded like a scenario for a role-playing game. He is right! I also read “Hunter’s Moon” and “Eagle Rising” by David Devereux. Very soundly written books. His character “Jack” resembles Finn in several ways. Rather like Finn takes another path and takes a job with the establishment. Or does he? Jack’s department is so secret it may not actually be part of HMG as he is told and the book claims.
    Some interesting potential here. Have you thought about doing a Finn-verse Sourcebook? It could be a system neutral book, although GURPS has a lot of conspiracy, illuminati, cthulhu and other relevant stuff.

  2. I have been looking for any of the supposed five Finn graphic novels can someone, ANYONE!!! please point me in the direction of where I can find them PLEASE?!! Pat help me out here?!

    • Hi Cyrax

      Wish I could help! The first volume was in Megazine and that’s it up to now.

      We’re as gutted as you are. Apparently it’s to do with quality issues on reproducing the pages.

      I feel your pain!

  3. I remember Finn very fondly. My impression was always that some readers complained Finn was too similar to Slaine, not an opinion I shared. In fact, I think Finn would work very well remained for today’s audience.

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