Here’s the second batch of images from Finn: Season of the Witch (By Pat Mills & Tony Skinner, art by Jim Elston), out now in Issue 329 of the Megazine.  I hope you like them as much as I do!

You can see the first batch of images here.


  1. I just caught up with the Meg and read Finn Book1 today. It’s better than I remember. It’s amazing how it resonates with what’s going on today in terms of the rise of the super-rich and the Occupy movements that have emerged in response. The exaggerated vision of capitalism in Third World War and Finn is quite prophetic.

    Any chance of re-visiting Finn? I reckon he would really capture the zeitgeist today and would be more way popular than he was first time around.


    • I’d love to see him back. I guess it will depend on how the later books go down when they appear in Megazine.

      But I’m very tempted to have the Freemariners appear with someone like Howard Quartz in the background of a story like Savage or Robusters. Because I’d love to see them doing their Hello Sailor routine again.

      Talking to Tony, my co-writer, he said he was amazed we got away with it all.

  2. Just the week my weekly prog and monthly meg are running late (hope to find them in my letterbox tomorrow though)! Quick question, the event narrated in book one are occurring after or before Third World War?

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