Delighted to confirm that Marshal Law is due out in the UK at the end of April, and to show you all the new cover that Kevin O’Neill has specially created for this deluxe edition.


The sadistically crafted, classic barbed wire-wrapped adventures of Marshal Law will be collected for the first time in a single hardcover edition. Featuring over 450 pages of cape-crushing action, this deluxe volume also includes an appreciative introduction from British TV personality and longtime Law fan Jonathan Ross as well as a new afterword from me and a special gallery section from Kevin.

Hatched from classified military labs to fight in America’s vicious secret wars, genetically modified “heroes” roam San Futuro’s broken streets in super-powered gangs, tripping each other’s hair-trigger reflexes in a never-ending binge of adrenaline-laced fury.

One of these discarded veterans, however, has made it his personal mission to bring law and order back to this urban battlescape. He feels no pain. He shows no remorse. His burning hatred for superheroes is all that keeps him warm. He is San Futuro’s finest. His name is Marshal Law.

“I’m a hero hunter. I hunt heroes. Haven’t found any yet.”


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  2. Wow! I was absolutely blown away by this book! I’ve been a fan of your work for a while now Pat, but this work here is something else entirely! The story had me gripped from the offset, full of dark twisted humour both via your top notch writing and Kevin O’Neill’s stunning artwork – it was an absolute delight! Now excuse me while i go out and spread the Marshal Law news everywhere! 🙂


  3. Hi Pat and Steven (by the way Steven I have just finished listening to the ecbt podcast and can’t wait for the next one).
    Nice and trully brillant ideas here Steven, and new ML material put aside, I would kill to have an oversized IDW Artist Edition of ML or an IDW Limited signed slipcase edition. I have just spend a large percentage of my monthy salary to buy the IDW Limited Judge Dredd complete Brian Bolland just because it contains half a dozen script written by you Pat.
    I am not too much into stickers and posters though as I prefer exclusive art, pencils & sketches or original scripts (the latter are extremely rare regarding Pat’s work).
    By the way, in the podcast Pat mentioned briefly that there is already a one page crossover between ML and JD, and this B&W page by Kevin can be found in 2000 AD #1280 (see here

    • Also, regarding the black and white San Futuro map that will be appearing in colour, is that the one reprinted in the Origin novel? Pat do you know if the other illustrations associated with Cloak of Evil have been published on the Cool Bean World site? If so in B&W or colour?

    • Hi, Remy. I know about the one-page sequence depicting the first meeting of Law and Dredd, in the 2000 A.D. magazine. But, as you no doubt realize, that single page wasn’t enough for any true fan (like you or I). It’s just a matter of time before a full-length crossover story actually happens . . . right, Pat?

      And when it does finally happen, I would love to see contributions from artists such as Carlos Ezquerra, Simon Bisley, Greg Staples, Nick Percival, and Clint Langley. While Kevin O’Neill would handle the interior artwork (of course) and regular edition covers, the others could supply the art for alternate cover editions as well as poster inserts and the like.

      By the way, I just pre-ordered a copy of DC’s Marshal Law deluxe collection on Amazon. I look forward to early May, when I can hold this tome before me and crack it open for the first time. I’m sure the oversized presentation will bedazzle and inspire awe!

      Pat, did you get the picture I sent to your Facebook message account? Please do check it out!

  4. Nice picture!

    Will any black-and-white Marshal Law material (such as Savage Dragon & Marshal Law) be colorized for this collection?

      • Hi, Pat.

        I can’t wait to see the colored San Futuro map. But does this mean the Savage Dragon & Marshal Law story won’t be colorized, ultimately? It would be a delightful treat for the fans if it was, hint-hint.

        Pat, if you don’t mind, I’d like to refer to the subject of Marshal Law crossing over with Judge Dredd, which I broached last week . . .

        You mentioned in your reply that, in essence, such an endeavor would probably require the approval of numerous staffers at DC. The implication is that it would result in a long, complicated process with no guarantee of permission to execute the project. This gave me pause to ponder . . .

        As far as I can tell, DC has had a good relationship with Rebellion for almost a decade, now. Several years ago, they formed a publishing partnership which, as you know, resulted in the release of ample 2000 A.D. material in the North American market through DC. They worked to reprint and reformat many popular 2000 A.D. stories (mostly non-Dredd fare) for consumption by a mostly uninitiated, overseas audience. I’d like to think this program did succeed, at least moderately, since it lasted for a long time. Maybe you can set the record straight about that?

        Prior to doing business with Rebellion, DC had a healthy and fruitful relationship with Fleetway, too. This, as you know, produced several crossover books featuring Batman and Judge Dredd, plus a memorable Judge Dredd/Lobo tale. Eventually, DC even acquired the license to publish original Dredd stories in the Americas, which they delivered in the course of two different ongoing series.

        With all this in mind, it seems safe to believe that, not only does DC like what 2000 A.D. has to offer, but that they also have a special preference for Judge Dredd. DC also owns the rights to publish your Marshal Law, so a book featuring the two characters doesn’t seem at all unprospective. I’d hope the powers-that-be at DC would realize this fairly quickly should you ever propose the crossover series to them. Realistically, I suppose they’d first allow your upcoming, deluxe Marshal Law tome to settle into the market for awhile, then use its sales performance to determine the feasibility of publishing any new and original Marshal Law books. I’d accept this as a practical way for DC to test the current market on your character.

        As a longtime reader and serious fan, I can help this crossover concept come to life. I’ll continue to support your work by purchasing any new Marshal Law material that DC publishes, even if I already own that material in its original formats. I could also help this cause by planting its seed in the public consciousness through various means. As you know, I’ve already tried IDW, so they’re aware of it, at least. I’ve also tried a couple of other, different avenues to disseminate this idea, but in a more subtle style. So don’t be surprised if you begin to hear the echoes! Soon, I may not be the only person pestering you (and Kevin) to do this project. Although I hope you don’t regard this as pestering (gulp!) . . .

        Lastly, I want to address the IDW factor, since they do publish Judge Dredd for the Americas. If bringing the Judge Dredd/Marshal Law series to fruition would entail DC partnering with IDW instead of with Rebellion directly, then that should be fine, too. You see, DC and IDW have already worked together. In 2011, they engaged in a joint publishing effort on Star Trek & The Legion of Superheroes (a six-issue story). I assume this unusual crossover met with moderate success; I want to believe that the relationship between DC and IDW didn’t sour as a result of this collaboration. So if these two publishers remain on good terms with each other, then it wouldn’t be such a stretch for them to reunite and produce the far more sensible Judge Dredd/Marshal Law crossover! Right?

        It seems like it can happen either way without much difficulty. Perhaps DC and Rebellion could join forces to publish the book in the U.K. (and the rest of Europe?), exclusively. Naturally, then, it would be printed in an oversized format akin to the 2000 A.D. magazine. Meanwhile, in the Americas, perhaps DC and IDW could once again work together to deliver this title to the North American market, exclusively, in the traditional smaller-trim format. Of course, the American and U.K. editions should each have their own unique cover art, as well as other bonuses or extras that further differentiate them. For example, some of the American editions could have gatefold covers or centerfold posters, while some of the U.K. editions could have pull-out posters or attached sticker/decal sheets. That would definitely please the hard-core fans (like yours truly) and drive the completist collectors batty.

        What do you think?

      • Hi, Steve,

        The crossovers won’t be in the deluxe edition. Maybe in a later edition. Fingers crossed. Yeah, very interesting thoughts – thank you for those. I know DC are taking ages on Dredd Batman cross over, and we gave up on getting Metalzoic so it can be tough. But let’s see how the Law book does, Not long to go now!



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