Secret identities.

Secret lusts.

Secret hates.

The dark and sordid world of Superheroes.

Pull down the trunks.

You won’t like what you see.

When supermen go rogue, you call on the Court of Last Resort.



The government have commissioned living weapons of mass destruction to wage war on terror.  

The survivors return home broken, bitter, insane.

Some form gangs.

Some go psycho.

Some turn into ‘A’ list celebrities with ‘A’ bomb fists.

The city is now a war zone.

San Futuro needs a Super Cop to enforce summary justice.

His eyes will reflect the rocket’s red glare.

He is Twilight’s Last Gleaming.


A bad choice is better than no choice.

Deluxe hard cover collected edition.  DC Comics Late April

5 thoughts on “BEHIND THE MASK…

  1. I got this and love it! It was so hard to find issues back when I first discovered him because none of the local comic book stores wanted to carry “adult content.” He was, and is, my favorite comic book character. When the internet came out, much later, I scooped up a couple more through Ebay. Then a roof leak managed to destroy my Marshal Law collection while I was trying to unsuccessfully start my life over in Canada, and I ended-up dropping out of comics entirely, partially due to getting married to the wrong woman I suppose.

    After we separated, I went looking for more on Ebay, but couldn’t determine what I’d read, and hadn’t read. Fast forward another 7 years, and discover the pinhead crossovers, I knew I hadn’t read those, so I scooped them up. Looked everywhere for ANYTHING Marshal Law related, like shirts/posters/etc.. but nothing popped up. Then BOOM! ran into this beauty, and snatched it up through Amazon.

    I’m reading through this book VERY slowly, to prolong the exciting feeling: “I-still-have-more-Marshal-Law-to-read!” and am admiring things like the dust-jacket, and see the Hardcover book as sort of a fitting tribute to my significantly underrated favorite character. I know you and O’Neil actually own the character, and really hope to see more of him in the future. Thanks very much for coming up with these storylines, and rereleasing them.

  2. Oo-raaaa!:

    “Your order of “Marshal Law: The Deluxe…” has been dispatched”

    Now that’s going to get me through the next 12 hours at work!

  3. Hi, this is not related to Marshal Law but in Pat’s September 2012 blog he talks about how he came up with the very first Judge Dredd story and asked:

    “In fact, I wonder if Whitey is still on that roundabout? I like to think he is, chewing the grass verge, begging for food from passing trucks and fighting and eating other castaways. Perhaps someone should write a story about Whitey briefly escaping from Devil’s Island before, inevitably, being sent back?”

    John Wagner and Alan Grant answered those very questions in the legendary Prog 520.

    The Judge Dredd strip was entitled ’10 Years On’. Whitey is out for revenge. Gary Leach was the artist.

  4. Sorry to ask a cheeky off topic question, but out of interest do you know what you difference will be in the two Nemesis Colour editions coming out in September. There’s a standard one that’s exciting enough, but another ‘super duper edition’ but we don’t know yet what’s magic about it? Do you and can you say?

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