Last night my wife Lisa and I went to Casablanca.  Our registration papers named us as married couple Marek Klement and Fanette Laforge, from Slovenia.




Our journey was fraught with danger.  And we did not know if our papers were in order.

fanette laforge papers



Finally we arrived safely at Cafe Americain, and our documents were accepted.

Unfortunately, not everyone was so lucky.

IMG_20130323_182308 IMG_20130323_182349

Was the white rabbit part of the emigre diaspora?  Or a mere passerby caught up in events beyond his ken?  But we had other, more important issues to face: acquiring exit visas in order to make our escape to America.

2013-03-23 19.44.46

Rick’s was all we’d expected it to be, and more.

2013-03-23 19.19.54 2013-03-23 19.20.04 2013-03-23 19.39.12  2013-03-23 19.53.52

The joint was packed to the rafters with desperate and glamorous people.  We witnessed both drama and romance – one poor fellow was shot dead by the Vichy guards.

It was all too easy to become distracted by the intoxicating atmosphere – and the cocktails…

IMG_20130323_185320 IMG_20130323_185336

The immersive evening ended with a screening of the film.

2013-03-23 21.02.30

2013-03-23 21.03.46

2013-03-23 21.16.59

2013-03-23 22.29.48

2013-03-23 22.29.42

2013-03-23 22.30.08

At the end of the evening we found someone who provided us with the means to make our escape…and slipped away into the night.

2013-03-23 23.34.20

Someone at the station thought I was Freddie Kruger.

2013-03-23 23.29.32

Kudos to Future Cinema for putting on such a novel and exciting event.  The Troxy was a superb choice of venue, with its beautiful Art Deco interior.  I’m such a huge fan of Casablanca: it’s a film that reveals something new with each viewing.   Robert McKee, the screenwriting guru, is also a fan.  I attended his writing seminar, Story, last year, and he not only analysed the film, but also sang As Time Goes By to us.

I’d love the comics industry to have equivalent immersive events.  Imagine the fun to be had if Marshal Law was played out!

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  1. A Marshal Law immersive event? Lord alive! I did the Rocky Horror Show a couple of times, but a Marshal Law version would blow that away and then some … you should try and do it, I know of a few folk who like to make special costumes for special events like that.

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