This is a Slaine-style strip Glen Fabry and I did for the left-wing Sunday newspaper News On Sunday.
The strip above it, Summer of Love, is by Brendan McCarthy and Pete Milligan.
Special thanks to David McDonald at Hibernia Comics for tracking down these pages and sending them to me.

9 thoughts on “SCATHA – A FEMALE SLAINE

  1. I find that I still have 6 issues of News On Sunday Extra (26/04/1987 to 31/05/1987).
    The May 3rd & 31st 1987 issues also had a dice game strip called the Masquer.
    The first one, called You are a TV mum!, is credited to Angela + Pat Mills and Ian Gibson. The second one, called Dullus (based on the Dallas tv show), is not credited and clearly not drawn by Ian.

  2. Awesome sabre-toothed tiger! I love Glenn’s work from this period. There’s a great sense of physicality to the figures.

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