Artist Fay Dalton produced her debut strip for American Reaper in the last Megazine (#335), a two-pager called Tipping Point.  Here’s a page from it, and her cover art.

tipping point 1

megazine cover 335

I thought you’d like to know there’s a six page Fay Dalton Reaper strip, Buddy Holiday, in next month’s Meg (#336). Continue reading



This would have been handy to get back to the UK for the Marshal Law signing at Gosh! this Saturday. Instant travel would solve all those time lag problems.

This week I was over at EA Games Mythic studio in Fairfax, Virginia, to do some work and was amazed to find a Tardis in the corridor! Brilliant!  Creates such a cool atmosphere.  Working in a studio environment like this was a lot of fun and made me nostalgic for the early days of 2000AD where we had a similar vibe, although we annoyed the hell out of our funereal neighbours working on traditional boring comics next door. Continue reading


He’s landed!  I’m thrilled with these Nemesis figures by Pete Fowler from Unbox Industries.   I’ve just seen Pete’s website (http://monsterism.net/nemesis-the-warlock-x-me) and also really like the chrome version he’s got on display.

pat with 3 nemesis

Who’d have thought that Nemesis could be cute?

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Back in March, I was interviewed by the team behind Futureshock! The Story of 2000AD.  They were a great bunch to work with and we had a lot of fun.

Some pictures from the day:

futureshock! 2000AD documentary, Pat Mills, Helen Mullane

Preparing to reveal all on the 2000AD Fleetway film and TV fiasco, back in the 90s – when Strontium Dog was optioned for £1!

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Ever since she appeared in the Volgan War as Lady Shirley Brown, who was shot by a Volgan Commissar on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral, writing about her has been an important catharsis.  Hence my You Are Maggie Thatcher – A Dole-Playing Game, brilliantly illustrated by Hunt Emerson.  A few examples below. Continue reading