Ever since she appeared in the Volgan War as Lady Shirley Brown, who was shot by a Volgan Commissar on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral, writing about her has been an important catharsis.  Hence my You Are Maggie Thatcher – A Dole-Playing Game, brilliantly illustrated by Hunt Emerson.  A few examples below.  I’m looking forward to the liberation, in Savage, when Lady Shirley’s remains will be found under a car park, and will be dug up and given a full state funeral.  Bill Savage may want to be one of the pallbearers and will thoroughly disapprove of anyone celebrating her demise. Ding dong!

Hunt Emerson, Pat Mills, You Are Maggie Thatcher

Hunt Emerson, Pat Mills, You Are Maggie Thatcher

Hunt Emerson, Pat Mills, You Are Maggie Thatcher

Hunt Emerson, Pat Mills, You Are Maggie Thatcher

9 thoughts on “DING DONG!

  1. Hi Pat, Love your Thatcher and Reagan comics / games. Weren’t you and Hunt going to complete your trilogy with one about Mikhail Gorbachev?

    • Hi, Rory. Glad you like them. No, I don’t recall planning Gorbachev. Can’t think of anyone else at the time that would have worked. But today – Trump would be good! And Boris Johnson – not least because his buffoon act is just that, an act.

      • Thanks for the clarification, not sure why I thought there was a Gorbie one planned. I remember Hunt being asked about doing more ‘You are’ strips in an interview with The Comics Journal in the Nineties, but my memory is like a sieve, so he might well have said that he would have *liked* to have done more rather than saying that a Gorbachev one was on the cards.

        That reminds me, actually. I’ve always wondered about the Reagan strip being so short in comparison to the Maggie one – because Ronnie’s was just one part of a magazine, obviously. But I’ve always wondered if you and Hunt had produced a much longer version that would have been a book that you subsequently cut right down to fit the required page count for Dice Man?

        Other than that, you read my mind on continuing the series with Trump and Boris Johnson! I’d certainly back a Kickstarter for either of those, just saying, Rory. 🙂

  2. I think I read and re-read this one until the pages fell out. Had the killer combination of being knockabout, topical, and having the involvement of Hunt Emerson.

  3. Loved the Ronald Reagen RPG in Diceman too!

    PS Hunt Emerson – what an under-utilised talent. At his frenetic best, inky anarchy on a par with Leo Baxendale, I feel. Whilst the style and draughtsmanship might not to be everyone’s taste, who could deny the energy, the admirable lack of reverence for power, the mischievousness?

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