Back in March, I was interviewed by the team behind Futureshock! The Story of 2000AD.  They were a great bunch to work with and we had a lot of fun.

Some pictures from the day:

futureshock! 2000AD documentary, Pat Mills, Helen Mullane

Preparing to reveal all on the 2000AD Fleetway film and TV fiasco, back in the 90s – when Strontium Dog was optioned for £1!

2000AD documentary, Futureshock!, Helen Mullane, Sean Hogan, Pat Mills

They’re already enjoying some anecdotes about past editors. I hope they weren’t secretly recording!

2000AD, Futureshock!, documentary, interview, Pat Mills

Setting up the hot lights so I dish the dirt – like about the day the 2000AD publisher turned down the poster rights for Star Wars.

2000AD, Futureshock!, Helen Mullane, Pat Mills, interview

Cool questions from Helen prompt me to reveal more. (hint: like the dark years, when they tried to turn it into Loaded, Deadline, Vertigo, or anything other than being true to itself)

2000AD, Futureshock!, documentary, interview, Pat Mills

Just concluding a rant. It’s amazing how 2000AD creates such passion in all of us. Keep telling yourself “It’s only a comic…It’s only a comic…”

The Futureshock! crew are: Sean Hogan and Helen Mullane (producers), Jim Hinson (executive producer & lighting/camera) and Paul Goodwin (director).   Find out more about the documentary project at www.futureshock2000ad.com.

10 thoughts on “FUTURESHOCK! THE STORY OF 2000AD

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  2. We got word of this documentary over at the 2000ad boards the other day and I’m personally very excited about it. Especially now we have the intrigue of wondering quite what you’ve said Mr Mills, about the dark days (as you call them) and all.

    Oh and of course its not just a comic, its the Galaxies Greatest Comic, guess that’s why we get so up tight about it… well that and in your case you created the thing!

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