Artist Fay Dalton produced her debut strip for American Reaper in the last Megazine (#335), a two-pager called Tipping Point.  Here’s a page from it, and her cover art.

tipping point 1

megazine cover 335

I thought you’d like to know there’s a six page Fay Dalton Reaper strip, Buddy Holiday, in next month’s Meg (#336).

It’s funny and sexy; Mad Men meets Pulp Fiction, and totally brilliant.  Do check it out.  She’s a helluva find!

The back story is that Charlie Bowden at Pickled Ink held a competition to find a new comic artist and Fay was the winner  It’s totally unheard of for agents to do anything this innovative and supportive – they’re usually the reverse! Thanks, Charlie, for introducing a great new talent to British comics!


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  3. I would love to see Fay Dalton back again in the Meg, her artwork in American Reaper was nothing short of magnificent. My only complaint would be that has tenure was too brief, maybe she can be a main artist for an upcoming story? I would aboslutely love that, and I’m sure my fellow readers would too. Thank you Mr. Mills for introducing this this immensely talented individual, I would not have known about her were it not for you.

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  5. When I saw the cover to Meg 335 I was blown away, its wonderful stuff. She seems to blend together art of so many artists I admire, off the top of my head and with very limited exposure to her work, John Burns, Fraser Irving a bit of Phil Noto thrown in there, In doing that she of course creates a style uniquely her own. Its fantastic stuff.

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