I wanted to write a new post in response to further comments on my About page from St Joseph’s old boys Nick and NW1 – thanks guys, and great to hear from you both.  I have appended NW1’s comment at the bottom of this post, because I think his story is incredibly important and I think it’s proving valuable for all of us who survived a dark period in the school’s history. Hitherto, it was unacknowledged, and I’m sure is still denied. Actually, just ignored.  But the sheer number of witnesses coming forward and confirming what happened makes a provable case.

For some of us it will be a catharsis; the knowledge that we were not alone in what we experienced or witnessed. For others it will be a resource for confronting whoever should take responsibility for these crimes and, at the very least, acknowledge them. Whether that is the De La Salle Order, its inheritors who claim they are still “in the Lasallian Tradition”, or the Catholic Diocese, remains to be seen.

I’d imagine there would be a certain amount of buck-passing and “no comment”, based on what I’ve read so far. The idea that a supposedly moral organisation that claims to care for its followers cannot speak out, on the advice of lawyers or insurers, is shocking and shameful. This would mean the Church or its relevant branches is controlled by lawyers, insurers and bankers. A fine Christian example.  I have the impression that they think if they say nothing and keep their heads down, we will all just quietly go away.

I certainly won’t. My particular viewpoint is that I believe abuse was organised and endemic in my parish in the Catholic Church in the 1950s and 1960s and presumably it went much further afield. I believe it was a way of life and, worse, it had a sick belief system to justify it. I have some evidence already to back this up and the comment by NW1 about Brother Kevin also points in that direction.

For me, the one rotten apple in the barrel idea (or in the case of St J’s, it’s about 5 rotten apples so far and counting) simply does not stand up to scrutiny.  They want us to believe this was the case – it was just one or two bad guys, whereas the rest were exemplary. Not so. Even though, of course, there were decent teachers there who we may remember with respect and admiration.  But they weren’t that decent, because they looked the other way when everyone knew what was going on. Everyone. They knew, and it’s to their shame they said nothing.  I was a day boy, so my knowledge and experience was restricted, but we still knew much of what was going on.  In a sense, the crimes of Solomon/Mike Mercado are so outrageous they obscure some of the others. The account about Brother Kevin, for example.

So, do please add your voice if you feel it will be useful to you. It will certainly be useful to me.  I’d  love to hear more from you and I’m sure that applies to other old boys who read this site.


Comment from NW1 on 17 September.  Read all comments on my About page (most of which are St Joseph’s related) here.

Hi there. Have just stumbled across this blog, drawn to it by a Guardian story I read this morning about child abuse in a Suffolk school, which I initially thought referred to St Jo’s but I then realised was about another Catholic order.

Just a quick comment of my own regarding St Joseph’s, Birkfield, and also Oak Hill, the prep school just down the road. I was a pupil at both between 1967 and 1974, when I was expelled mid-way through the year. As I was mid-way through my lower sixth, they allowed me to complete my studies at St Peter’s, in Bournemouth.

Many of the Brothers’ names mentioned in other posts are familiar to me and other boys used to talk about them as “homos” at the time, but I have no proof of this.

In my case, I was sexually abused by Brother Kevin, a diminutive shit who was at OakHill when I started there before transferring to Birkfield later in that year. My abuse began while I was at the prep school. Kevin was in charge of the boarders and used to summon me, as well as other boys, to his bedroom after lights out.

After he moved to Birkfield, Kevin used to come down to Oak Hill on Sundays, seek me out and try to abuse me in the biology rooms. The abuse continued when I moved to Birkfield myself and during my first year there, during which time I was a boarder in one of the dormitories in the so-called 55 Wing. Kevin, whose room looked out on one of the dormitories, continued in a similar vein as before, summoning me and others to his room after lights out.

He was transferred to France at the end of that school year (1968) but returned to St Peter’s, where I re-encountered him after my expulsion from St Jo’s. Inexplicably, he was once again in charge of the junior boarders. By then, I was too old for him, so was left in peace. I have no doubt whatsoever that he continued to abuse kids there. Sickeningly, the young boarders’ section included kids who wee six or seven years old.

About 20 years ago, I reported my abuser to the police in London and he was briefly detained, made a partial admission and was released on bail pending further inquiries. The next time he was interviewed he showed up with a solicitor and denied everything. He was never charged.

Simultaneously, I sued the Order in 1996 and after six years they settled out of court in return for me signing a confidentiality agreement which I suppose I’m breaking today. The settlement just about paid for seven years of therapy. However, the Order refused to offer an apology because to do so would imply that they were culpable. Even today, 15 years later, that refusal to admit what happened and apologise for it – despite paying me compensation – makes me feel incredibly angry.

I remember I went up to Oxford in the mid-90s to confront the order at its “Mother House”: they didn’t seem remotely surprised that Kevin was in the frame as a sex abuser. I mentioned another brother, (AKA Squealer) who I was fairly certain had abused children, although I did not have 100% definitive proof. They effectively admitted he too had been an abuser and it was suggested to me that I should consider whether giving his name to the police would be worthwhile as he now had dementia. I did name him to police but nothing happened to him either.

While I was at St Peter’s, there was another Brother – Cyril – who was in charge of the middle year boarders (3rd and 4th year). He too was talked of as an abuser by some pupils, although I did not have any personal knowledge of this. Cyril became head teacher at another school in Southsea, was subsequently charged and cleared of sex abuse.

Three years ago I was contacted by police in Dorset who had received another complaint of abuse at the hands of Brother Kevin by a pupil at St Peter’s. Dorset police managed to track down my name and other details from the 90s and I went through the another set of interviews, filmed this time, and waited several months before the CPS decided not to go ahead with a prosecution, again. My evidence and that of the other person were not considered credible enough.

I’m aware of several other kids who were abused during my time there, also by Brother Kevin. I once met up with one of them many years later. He and another lad were abused a year or so before me and I still remember him telling me that when Kevin started on me he felt jealous a being supplanted by someone else. There was also talk about several other Brothers being abusers while I was at Birkfield, including Squealer, but I have no personal evidence of that. It does make me wonder whether they had their own little circles and agreed not to poach kids from each other.

Almost 50 years later, the abuse still affects me. My entire personality has been affected by the experience and I know I will never be free of what happened. But I’m glad others are talking about it publicly here and in one or two other corners of the Web. It’s about time the Order was forced to face up to what so many of its members were doing. It should make a public apology. I would also like to all the abusers brought to trial. I’d be happy to work with anyone here to make sure that happens.



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  2. Hi Pat,
    Chris Crilly here. Not à propos of St. Joseph’s but rather St. Peter’s, Southbourne, Dorset: I was a boarder there from 1956 to 1967. Throughout all the recent turmoil about brothers abusing boys I have taken some comfort in the conviction that none of that went on at St. Peter’s. At least, that has always been my impression. As someone here has remarked, just because it didn’t happen to me doesn’t mean there was no abuse. I just don’t recall hearing anything at the time.

    The most remarkable headmaster during my time was Bro. Elwin Gerard. He formed his first Pueri Cantores choir at SPS and we toured Europe, recorded albums and had the best musical education a kid could want. At the same time (there’s an Omega for every Alpha) we had to endure the tyrannical reign of terror known as Bro. Ives Patrick, a bitter and twisted man with serious psychological issues. He was a gifted teacher of English, maths and Latin. He was also a snarling, sarcastic, cane- wielding bully. St. Peter’s also had a Junior Novitiate for aspiring young DLS recruits. A couple of those guys were a trifle unhinged sexually, but being teenagers, were fairly harmless.

    The whole idea of boarding school is a mystery to anyone who comes from, or has married and formed, a healthy family atmosphere. Delegating the raising of our children to so-called celibate monks is a recipe for disaster of one kind or another. Raising the stalwart sons of empire by holding their feet to the fire of brutality has by now been thoroughly discredited and I’m sure many reading your blog will agree that we have all had to heal a variety of emotional, sexual or psychological wounds as we became adults.

    Best to you and all boarding school survivors.

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  4. Another pupil of Br. Kevin contacted me about your comments. We were both appalled to read them. I was in charge of the boarding in the 80’s at Oakhill with Kevin and am in touch with people of that time. My son had been a boarder before my time. The boarders were a very happy bunch on the whole and Kevin very popular and we can honestly say completely trusted . I saw him constantly with the boys and everyone was completely relaxed round him. We are absolutely convinced nothing of the above mentioned went on. As my son and his friends and other pupils say, Kevin was the very last brother they would suspect. At the end of the holidays the boys from unhappy homes would run up to him as they were so thrilled to be back to what they felt was safety and it was. The years I had there with the boarding were very happy. I stayed some nights if anyone was unhappy and if I wasn’t there Kevin was there for them and if I’d suspected anything with having 3 boys myself I’d have gone straight to the top. My son tells me he was homesick the first night of the term and would go to Kevin’s room but then gave that up as the other boarding master had better comics! Kevin didn’t know me then.
    He came out of the Order and settled locally and is a very popular figure in the community. My twin grandchildren would call on him after school, other children in the street would run up to him. Nobody had any worries.when he left Oakhill, before me, he had the largest number of presents and letters I’ve seen. When the police questioned him many of his old boys wrote to the police to support him as they were horrified and some are still in touch with him and visit him, some from way back.The solicitor you refer to was not organised by Kevin but by friends. I don’t know who. The school dentist visited the school professionally and socially and knew Kevin as well or better than me and he still talks about the happy place. I know these phaedophiles can hide their ways and are clever but none of us believe Kevin is one and I can’t obviously comment on the past but it is all so far from the Kevin we all know. Surely if you are a paedophile you just don’t stop?

    • Thank you so much for your very informative post, Angela. Apart from the police case you mention that old boy NW1 pursued, there are others:

      My name is Peter, I was a border at st. josephs preparatory school oak hill Ipswich, a de la salle school, from 1967 to 1970. I’m sure its the same school. Nwi would have been there at the same time as me, and my experiences were unfortunately similar. He might remember me because I am Australian (and still am), I’m sure my brother Robert and I were the only colonials there at the time. I also contacted the police and made a complaint but as I live in Australia haven’t been able to do anything else. I would really like to contact NWI, really, I really would. “Holy Innocents” was the name of the first dormitory I was in, I was 7. bro kevin told me he only did this to me because my mum asked him to, sound familiar?


      i first went to oak hill in 1984 and was abused by brother kevin, a vile little rat. used to take me to his room after lights out. would be nice to find where the rat is now??


      Hi Zach…awful I was there then and aware some people were taken upstairs …were you there when Mick Mills the footballers son was there.

      There is also the matter of Kevin’s violence. One violence allegation comes from an old boy I know very well and I’m 100 per cent sure this is true.

      Not a “clip round the ear” , which could be dismissed as “normal” in those days, but rather more serious.

      In the 60s, Kevin taught me Latin “one to one” and was an excellent, friendly and likeable teacher and I don’t recall him ever being violent or dubious. So, like yourself, it came as a complete surprise to me to read these allegations. I can understand how they will be upsetting to read. It saddens me, too.

      Yet I don’t think they can be easily dismissed, not least because NW1 went to such considerable time and effort over a long period of time to pursue the matter. So this makes a total of three, possibly four accusers.

      And NW1 says:

      I’m aware of several other kids who were abused during my time there, also by Brother Kevin. I once met up with one of them many years later. He and another lad were abused a year or so before me and I still remember him telling me that when Kevin started on me he felt jealous a being supplanted by someone else.

      It’s often hard for survivors to come forward and share what happened because they feel they won’t be believed. Sometimes we doubt our own memories because they don’t square with the public persona that abusers have. And all too often they are supported by respectable members of the community or by other boys who weren’t assaulted.

      But we only have to look elsewhere in the media to see how that can be quite fake.

      I don’t pretend to be an expert, but as a survivor of another DLS abuser, Brother James, and clerical abusers, I can certainly say abusers are very good at covering their tracks or ensuring their victims remain silent. And the reaction of others is invariably disbelief until enough people come forward and confirm it happened to them, too.

      I’d have thought three survivors accounts, independent of each other, was sufficient to make the case and for this matter to be taken seriously. If there are others out there who read this and have had similar recollections of Kevin, I can also pass on your accounts to NW1 who is pursuing this matter.

      And just as some abuse on a regular basis – like the infamous Brother Solomon also covered in this blog – surely there must be other abusers who act only intermittently for whatever reason.


      • Did the staff vacancies read ,”Teacher wanted. Sadistic and pedophile tendencies an advantage but not strictly necessary as semblance of normality needed too”? I moved up from Oak Hill to St Joes in 1970 but don’t even remember a bro Kevin; perhaps I’ve erased him from memory. After some trauma therapy, I am realising more and more that my entire life has been a huge survival effort since school and have now given an account of what I can remember so far to a rape crisis organisation who’ve been brilliantly helpful. I would encourage others to do the same..
        I think many of us are looking for some closure on these incidents. I hope that happens for us all in 2019. Happy New Year.

  5. Dear Pat,

    I found your blog while searching for the story about John McDonnell having gone to St.Joseph’s. It was a story in a national newspaper just before polling day. Based on his age he must have been there in my time but I cannot remember him.

    My name is David and I along with my two older brothers boarded at St.J’s from 1948 when my eldest brother started up to 1968 when I left.

    I enjoyed Oakhill but still have clear memories of Bro. Hugh doing his nightly inspection of us boys after showers and pulling the towel off one kid as he ran off. The boy then had to walk back naked to get his towel. To us as kids it only seemed like harmless horseplay but that event has stuck in my memory for nearly 60 years.

    We had Bro.Joseph (later Jo Homan of Boys Town India) there who was kindly enough but did have a temper. I remember screaming at him to stop when he was whacking a boy with a plimsole. He’d clearly passed the six mark and was in anger mode. I must have been about 9 or 10.

    I moved to Birkfield somewhere around 1960. I never had sexual problems with the Bros until one day a boy who shared my dorm (I can’t remember his name) told me that a Bro was molesting him at night after lights out. Each night a Bro would come and say prayers then turn off the lights. Normally we would fall asleep quickly being 13 or 14 but that night I stayed awake watching Bro.Leo (headmaster at the time) who opened the door to leave but then closed it and stayed still in the corner until he thought we were asleep. I assumed he would walk to the other boy’s bed but instead he came to mine and molested me. Only when I rolled over a couple of times did he stop. The next day I went with the other boy to father Jolly and told him the story. He told us to stay at his house while he went on his own to the Headmaster. Later he came back to say the HM denied it but for our information he was leaving at the end of the term for other reasons!! Father Jolly then took us to the HM’s study and we had to relate the story to his face. He denied it and we left. That was the last I heard of the matter.

    I told my parents and brothers about the experience with Bro.Leo but they didn’t seem particularly phased by it. I tried hard to dissuade my brother from sending his son to St.Joseph’s but he did anyway. My main reason for trying to stop them sending the boy to a boarding school was more to do with the unhealthy environment boarding schools create. My nephew was there during the return of Mike Mercado as a lay teacher.

    Bro.Elwin who took over as headmaster seemed a good man. He tried a few times to get me to stop smoking. I suspect now that he was lenient with me because of my experience with Bro.Leo.
    I always found Bro.James to be a good teacher (I particularly remember RE) and I never experienced any problems when he was housemaster at Goldrood. Reading some of these posts about him does surprise me.

    Maybe I was just happy to get away from a stressful family home and be in relative sanity at school. But that’s another story.

    During my time we had a grand piano in the room to the left of the front door at Birkfield and I can still remember coming in there from my dorm nearby to listen to Bro.Solomon playing Chopin. When he left Birkfield there was a centre spread in the Daily Mirror (I think) showing him dressed in a brown monk’s habit with the heading “The swinging monk”.

    Before ending I must say how much I admired and tried to emulate Lt.Commander Mclaughlin. He handled discipline brilliantly and to my knowledge never had to make physical contact with any child. He had great presence.

    I seem to have rambled on a bit but reading all these posts have brought back so many memories. I think all our lives have been tainted in some way or other by that school. I’m sure my life would have turned out for the better if I had not gone there. Boarding schools should not exist. There has to be a better way.

    David N.

    • Dear David,

      Thanks for your post. We must have been at Birkfield at the same time. And John McDonnell, too. I wish I could remember both of you. I recall boarders telling me similar stories.
      It’s good to know that Father Jolly behaved correctly where you were concerned. That was not my own personal experience of Jolly. I was an altar boy at St Marks and saw far too much of him. He was, without question, a serious sexual predator, too. Albeit a lot more careful at covering his tracks than Solomon and James (recently confirmed to be a predator). But of course Jolly would be in a different role here. It sounds like he did the right thing. That’s always the problem with these characters: sometimes they behave well and often they were excellent teachers or priests. They’re not predators all the time, so it’s confusing for children and sets up cognitive dissonance. Thus you have positive memories of James, unlike the rest of us, although I still value his ability to teach me maths. And you’re right – he was a good RE teacher, too. I’d like to have seen Solomon play Chopin. I recall his friend Peter Katin playing at a school concert and it was a magical experience! I was so pleased to read you screamed at Brother Joseph to stop beating a boy. Good for you! I wish I’d had the courage to do so.

  6. Hi Pat

    You’ve sparked some right old dialogue in a St Jo’s old boys facebook group this last couple of weeks!! I was a boarder at St Jo’s (Ipswich) for 12 years from age 6 (1975-1987) and, to be fair, did not suffer from any of the nasty sexual abuse that I am now hearing about. Quite frankly, I was young …. very young, trusting, and very naive. [Actually, looking back, it is a wonder that I, myself, was not singled out for ‘special’ attention! Maybe someone, somewhere, was looking out for me. Or maybe it was just my fate!!]

    I remember nice, kind brothers and scary brothers. Bro Mark (head master at Oak Hill, before Bro Kevin took over) and Bro Owen (Birkfield) both seemed to be very genuinely kind to me. Lawrence Hughes, was a particularly scary brother (at times), but never really hurt me. Looking back, I can only, now think how some of the brothers might have seemed creepy (Bros Damien and Kevin)

    My big issue was a massive lack of support from my parents. I am sure that they both had their own issues, and did their best. However, I simply do not understand sending kids to boarding school. It seems to be a dereliction of responsibility. ‘Bringing up children is hard. I’ll pay (or get the taxman to pay), to do it instead. Having said all that, my mother was really quite neurotic, and probably should have been under mental health care ….. I suspect, so actually, the early years at Oak Hill may have been an inadvertent bounty!!

    However, I am now 47 yrs old, and somewhat insular (although others might disagree with me!). Without going back and doing it again, cause and effect is pretty impossible to determine. I really feel that lack of any real family life is a major cause with the boarding school (especially a catholic one) being a relatively minor one.

    Anyway. Fascinating reading Pat, and thank you for doing all this Judge Dredd stuff. Although no massive all-consuming fan, I do (or certainly have in the past) enjoy JD and 2000AD

    Take care, and keep up the good work,

    Ian H

    • Hi Ian,

      Thanks for your very interesting post. A boarder for 12 years! Wow! That must have left you with a very strong impression of the school, good and bad.

      Like you, I have positive and negative memories of St J’s. For example, when I’d witness extreme violence – like Brother James – and then he’d carry on perfectly normally and was a truly excellent maths and scripture teacher, I found it very confusing. I guess it’s a similar feeling to “gaslighting” – I’d wonder if I was going crazy? Did I imagine the horrible violence I’d seen? Was it justified? The same with Brother Solomon – a truly excellent music teacher, yet I knew he was abusing boarders. It’s that cognitive dissonance that causes so many problems.

      My sympathies over your lack of parental support. Even though I was a day boy, I had a similar issue. My widowed mother simply could not challenge the school and any of its decisions, she wasn’t strong enough mentally or economically. And, from a religious perspective, she saw the brothers as Holy Men and therefore above the laws of man. So she had no choice but to ignore my often vocal complaints about the school and the dubious behaviour of leading members of the RC church.

      I also recall being endlessly told as a kid that the brothers did so much good charitable work, presumably in the missions (where they have also been charged with abusing children) but I didn’t see any evidence of it at St J’s. Given that the order was originally founded to help poor kids, that’s just one more example of their hypocrisy. My impression from talking to other old boys – including my older brother who was more streetwise than me – is that the whole thing was about making money. One old boy recently described to me in considerable detail the brothers’ privileged lifestyle. It was very impressive. I must still be rather naive because it came as quite a shock. Somehow I thought they lived like trappist monks! Not so, it seems!

      If nothing else, they certainly inspired my version of comic book characters like Judge Dredd and Torquemada!

      Thanks again, Ian, it was a pleasure reading your post.

    • Wow! I have just come across this post and it is so reassuring to know that others witnessed and were treated the same as myself. I was a border there from 1964 to 1969 ish. The headmaster was Br Elwin, a brilliant choirmaster who took us to the Pueri Cantores festival, and won it, three years running. (I’m still trying to find any recordings of us).

      I remember the fearsome brother who taught us Latin and three the blackboard rubbers at us. I remember Br Bernard who wasa brilliant physics teacher. I also remember Br Hugh who made a habit (sic) of touching us all up in the showers.

      It woulf be nice to receive an apology, even after all this time. Truly dark days.

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  8. Dear Pat,
    My name is Peter, I was a border at st. josephs preparatory school oak hill Ipswich, a de la salle school, from 1967 to 1970. I’m sure its the same school. Nwi would have been there at the same time as me, and my experiences were unfortunately similar. He might remember me because I am Australian (and still am), I’m sure my brother Robert and I were the only colonials there at the time. I also contacted the police and made a complaint but as I live in Australia haven’t been able to do anything else. I would really like to contact NWI, really, I really would. “Holy Innocents” was the name of the first dormitory I was in, I was 7. bro kevin told me he only did this to me because my mum asked him to, sound familiar?
    Please contact me,
    best wishes,

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