Named and shamed

See Katie’s comment on my post, Charity begins at home?, below. So much for that glowing obituary in The Guardian by St Joseph’s old boy Chris Mullin. Do we really want to live in bullshit land where creeps like Homan are honoured TODAY (!!) as near-saints? I don’t. Watching this excerpt from an ABC TV interview (at 10.48) about the ex-De La Salle Brother made me feel sick. Very upsetting.

I have it on very good authority that the notorious and proven paedophile Mike Mercado/Brother Solomon used to visit Homan’s Boys Town. A supposedly wonderful place for boys.

It is not just the journalist/writer on the TV interview who makes these allegations about Homan: it cross-references with other accounts I’ve read. And there were so many other DLS brothers who were like him, as survivors have recorded on this site, which makes the DLSB an organisation which should be outlawed, in my book.

‘In the La Sallian Tradition’ is a most inappropriate term to describe St Joseph’s today, because it connects the school with such truly vile people.

So many people want to pretend none of this ever happened, or it’s all in the past so we should forget about it, and that’s how these evil filth get away with it. And continue to do so.

I wonder if The Guardian would be interested in the truth about Homan? I doubt it.

The homes and charity are STILL named after Homan!

Thanks, Katie, for your most valuable post:


Recent interview on ABC TV in Australia has some horrible stuff about Homan (about 10 minutes in):



5 thoughts on “Named and shamed

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  2. Thanks for this open discussion about the BEAST Homan.Pat….it has helped me a lot with my anger management…but I would still love to demonstrate, as therapy , against both the so-called Christian De La Salle Brothers and Jo ” the Beast ” Homan’s legacies …so I looked up where the HQs are….Both are in Oxford,both reeling in ££££s teaching English( A well known UK Visa scam) within a demonstrable stroll of each other…what a coincidence! mmmmhhh… I am preparing my Placard now….and then sticking it on a Billiard cue! And as regards Chris Mullin…he was throughout senior school going to join the Brothers or be a priest I remember..I bet to get cheaper fees ….. Certainly he was an arse licker then ….and still is….Good book tho!

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