A St Joseph’s Old Boy sent me this note about Brother James:

Do you remember at the start of the school year, one time, I think it was in the second or third form, James would ask all the Jews to stand. Then the Muslims. And then the Protestants?

He was figuring out the class and intimidating the kids because he already knew.

I remember him giving one poor kid a tongue lashing about his religion. I think his name was XXXXXXXX  but from this age I could be wrong. The kid was a Catholic anyway. What a bastard. 

Keep going with it, Pat.

 This method of humiliating kids was not unique to James. A female friend of mine who went to a Convent school told me how a nun did a similar thing to her.

The nun went round the class trying to identify girls’ ethnicity from their surnames.  My friend had Barbara Streisand looks, her surname was Rose, and she was a Catholic.

The nun looked  at her with disgust and sneered, ‘Rose… Well we all know what that means and where you come from.’

My friend felt embarrassed and humiliated.

These Brothers and nuns have much to answer for.

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