I thought this information was so important, it warranted a separate post. Because I know of so many Old Boys who were still looking for him and might miss this information otherwise.

It’s always sad to read of someone’s decline, but I do know that Kevin was physically and sexually abusive and could have scarred many Survivors in other, perhaps equally devastating ways. Certainly two Survivors I’ve been in close communication with were very angry about him.

It’s interesting that the DLS etc distanced themselves from him. I guess he was no member of a Dark Network, although he was called in by the Knights of St Columba at St Mary’s Catholic Youth Club, near Woodbridge Rd., when I was seen snogging a girl, after being lined up for the priesthood. It was a big deal, I kid you not. I remember him crossing town and turning up at the Youth Club especially to discuss the shocking truth about what I may or may not have done with the girl.  So perhaps I’m wrong and he was once part of a Network.

Whereas when I read of Brother James’s decline and death, it seems he was being looked after by his fellow DLS brothers. They nurtured this evil viper to the end of his days.  A man they described as timid and shy in their Eulogy.

I think you summed up it very well, Conor . Thank you.

 Conor Pagett commented on ST JOSEPH’S COLLEGE AND BROTHER KEVIN – AGAIN! This is another account of abuse at St Joseph’s sent to me by someone who would prefer to remain anonymous so that the … Hi again Zach! Bro Kevin (or just plain Kevin Dillon) was suffering in an advanced state of dementia in an Ipswich nursing home the last time I heard of him (2017). There was video on the nursing home website of him singing (trying) Christmas carols but the shell of a human being was hard to recognise as the Bro Kevin of our youth. He was a broken man before the dementia set in. Over the last 20 years he lost everything. When the first rumours about allegations of perversion reached the village in Suffolk in which he lived it brought with it abuse and intimidation from the local youths. His house was attacked and windows broken occasionally and after a couple of years he was compelled to sell up and move to Ipswich. The DLS and other powers-that-be distanced themselves from him and this pushed him over the edge. He may be dead now but if he is still alive the natural course of Kevins’ dementia will have inflicted all the suffering which some might think he merits. I remember Bro Kevins favourite instrument of discipline in 1986 was a flexible leather case for a steel ruler. He was decent enough to take the steel ruler out of it before he beat us though. 

4 thoughts on “BROTHER KEVIN: THE END?

  1. Hi Pat. Interesting news about Bro. Kevin (somehow can’t bring myself to use his surname).

    As one of many of his sexual abuse victims, in my case over a two year period at Oakhill and St Jos, I can’t feel anything other than a sense of grim satisfaction at the indignities he is experiencing in his final days.

    My great regret is that he is unaware of what is happening to him. And that he has never paid the true price for his vile behaviours.

    I’ve been following your posts on this page for several years. They have offered me a lifeline at some bleak times in my life. For which my thanks.

    I’ve noticed that in recent weeks the flow of posts from yourself and others about some of the disgusting abuses inflicted by the De La Salle order on children in its has increased massively. One of the questions I’ve asked myself is whether the unsettling Covid-19 related experiences of the past few weeks is causing many of us to have all sorts of intrusive recollections.

    If so, it’s a reflection of the indelible effects of what we suffered 50 or even 60 years ago.

    I also find myself wondering how it is that the Order as a whole has managed to get away with systematic sexual and physical abuse of entire generations of school children. Is there nothing we can do collectively to bring this out into the open?

    • Thanks, Nic. That’s a question I ask myself,too. There’s a role model for us in Australia called Broken Rites. I’m studying it at the moment – there’s a lot to absorb. But there are many similarities between Oz and St J’s Ipswich

    • I agree. This site is great but Pat can’t be expected to do it all. Certainly a dedicated survivors forum somewhere? Happy to set something up.

      • That sounds good to me! A forum allows for quicker interaction. I’ve also been thinking about two other overlapping ways forward. One is to study the Broken Rites site in Oz which is HUGE! it will take a lot of time to absorb. These guys are my heroes – they’ve been exposing criminal clerical abusers since the 90s! So many of the stories in Oz are similar to our own. At some point I might write to them for advice. And the other is to appeal to famous Old Boys who have much higher media profiles than any of us. Some of them were at St J’s in my era and – especially if they were boarders – they must have known what was going on. it was everywhere. A message of support from some of them would help flag this issue up and help bring it before the public. I’ll get around to those objectives shortly, but everyone’s ideas, alternate ideas, and input are very welcome indeed. It’s great not to be alone on this, guys!

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