‘The most horrific case of mass child abuse ever uncovered.’


An account by ABC News of the De La Salle Brothers and their running a Boys Town in Oz.

To quote from it:

‘It would take until 2017 – 55 years after the first alleged child sex offence at Boys Town – for anyone to be jailed.

Brother Francis Brophy was sentenced to eight years for sexually abusing nine orphans, one under the cover of private guitar lessons.

The following year, teacher Stephen Anthony Gray received 11 years after preying on vulnerable children  in their sleep, including a 14-year old boy he raped.’

There seems to be no limits to the crimes of the De La Salle Brothers and the lay teachers closely associated with them.

I thought I’d put this link up because yesterday an Old Girl from St Joseph’s advised me to put alleged abuse behind me and get on with my life.

I had, in fact, put it behind me and gotten on with my life until my mid-40s. That’s when this stuff usually comes up for most Survivors. We can’t block it out any longer and we have to deal with it.

She also felt I shouldn’t accuse the dead who aren’t there to defend themselves. I guess, with her perspective, we shouldn’t accuse Jimmy Savile.

Even when the evidence is out there from several testimonies about Kearney, she still either ignored it or dismissed it, demanding more information from me.  That would be premature, not least because I prefer to find a second testimony that supports my own experience.

Such is the challenge we Survivors face when some Old Pupils of the school try to discourage us and support Abusers.  It’s happened very rarely on my site, but it does make me wonder about their agenda and motivation. Why would they bother? Seriously? Are they just being rather troll-like, coming out with straw arguments as above, which is hardly a basis for objective analysis and comment .

Or is there a personal connection, for instance, that motivates them?

Thus I recall there was a woman who I think had been a matron at St Josephs. She wrote in to say that she knew Brother Kevin, said he was a lovely man and would entrust her children, or possibly grandchildren, with them.  She seemed to live near him in his village.

Subsequently, an Old Boy told us that Brother Kevin was driven out of his village by youths incensed by his abusive behaviour, entirely separate to the numerous accusations here.

There’s clearly a back story there which we’ll never know about.

Anyway, this account about Oz reminds us of the reality.  And why we have to go on uncovering the truth. And ignore the Trolls – whatever their motivation.

1 thought on “‘The most horrific case of mass child abuse ever uncovered.’

  1. There was a creepy old woman by the name of Ashton, with an even creepier character.

    Why she was employed as a school matron, I have no idea. It was always such an arduous chore if any of the kids got ill. She would often join Kevin in the boys shower block and strangely watch us all having a shower.

    Did she know what Kevin was up to after lights out, I couldn’t honestly say, but she certainly wasn’t playing with a full deck

    I was abused at the hands of Kevin and believe it is not possible to leave it in the past and forget. I went on to have a very long and successful career in the Royal Marines, and seen many horrors in the world. Discussing my abuse helps me as a survivor, deal with it and ‘move on’. It is certainly something one can never forget

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