This was a post from a Survivor of a De La School in Liverpool in the 1980s.

Presumably it’s now the DLS Academy in Carr Lane East, Liverpool which is still being run by the DLS.

I felt it should have a separate post for two reasons. Firstly, in case it helps to highlight or explain the disappearance of a missing boy the author mentions: Mark Garvey.

Secondly, because it highlights how there is so much more to come out yet where Catholic abuse is concerned. Thus there were two missing children from my era connected with the Catholic community. (Not the De La Salles) I don’t have enough hard information (yet) to go into details and I don’t want to distract from this important post.

But my premise is that ‘brutal sadistic paedophiles’ of whom there were plenty at St Joseph’s College, Ipswich, don’t necessarily know when or how to stop at ‘just’ abuse. So there are some potentially awful implications.

For this reason, the De La Salle Order when in Ipswich, the Knights of St Columba in Ipswich who backed the DLS,  St Joseph’s lay teachers from the 60s to the 80s (one of whom used a cat o’ nine whip on a child – see my summary) all need properly investigating.

It’s all on my SUMMARY THREE PAGES ready for investigators to look at.

Hello, i just want to mention i too went to a De La Salle school in Liverpool although it was not a boarding school their were Brothers, of worst sort you could imagine. They were brutal sadistic pedophiles in which One of them was convicted twice of sexual assault named brother Paul. In no way im i exaggerating when i say i was strapped easily Fifty times for the slightest infractions, they would get off on it. There was also a brother who would try to proposition you by sidling up next to you an sing under his breath the Pet Shop Boys i got the brains you got the looks lets make lots of money ?. This took place for me in the 1980s. One thing all ways comes to my mind and that is the disappearance of a young man called Mark Garvey who apparently would frequent the brothers house that was attached to the school i dont know if that was looked into it should be.


  1. Theres nothing suspicious at all. I just think it’s wrong to accuse people of things and they arent here to defend themselves. What exactly did Michael allegedly do to you ? Have you ever thought of what you are saying may have a detrimental effect on his family ?

    • The argument you’re using applies to Brother James, Solomon and endless proven criminals who also aren’t here to defend themselves. Thats why I hold back, although you’re asking me to put it out there now which would have a detrimental effect on the family. Clearly you’re ignoring and have no interest in the truth. For example, I’ve had several nightmares about this man in just the last few months. What he did is hard to put behind me. It seems to me you must be a friend of the family and that’s why you’re trying to defend him. Well, he’s on the list for investigation which you’ve doubtless seen. I don’t believe crimes of the past should be covered up although it’s obvious you do.

  2. It will be up to the author of the post to do that. I looked up Mark Garvey and there is information about his disappearance on line. Personally, I have some sympathy with the author. Unless you have hard facts, any allegations are not going to be looked on favourably by the police. Thus I’m aware myself of a similar case in my hometown, but I only have insufficient and circumstantial evidence so I keep my mouth shut. But I think it’s reasonable for the author to air his concerns here in the hope that it may resonate with someone who knows more or who is prepared to talk after this passage of time.

    • So you are quite happy to write hearsay about Michael Kearney and you keep saying there’s more to come but alas nothing more is forthcoming. You are quite happy to believe what everyone has told you about him and put in online yet keep your mouth shut about a disappearance of a young boy!!!!! Hmmmmm

      • No, I’m not writing just hearsay about Kearney. I’m motivated by my own experiences with this man. But due to the serious nature of them, I am looking for verification. Some has come in as you doubtless know which already proves he’s a monster. Although this happened before your time, you will doubtless assume I’m lying about my own experiences. Why would I? It was a lifetime ago. This man and what he did to me has cost me a fortune in therapy. Why would I spend money exorcising a fantasy. In a similar way, I kept quiet about what Brother James did to me. Now there are 3 other testimonials which say the same thing. So I have now gone public on James. The Knights ditto. So the same could happen with Kearney. Wait and see. i’m not going to be goaded by a troll into revealing more. And don’t assume this site is all I have to say about this man. It’s not.You clearly have an agenda. Why don’t you tell us what that is? Regarding the disappearance of a boy, it’s for the author who knows the case to report it. Or why don’t you? Just pass it onto the police if you feel it’s adding something to what’s already known and is on line. Your behaviour is looking increasingly suspicious…

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