Brother Laurence Hughes is  Provincial (Head) of the De La Salle Order in Great Britain and Ireland. Following recent posts about Brother Laurence on this website, a fellow Old Boy of St Joseph’s College, Ipswich, Suffolk, sent me a copy of an email from the Chair of the SCOE – the Catholic Safeguarding Commission for Orders in Education. To quote from this email, dated 12th August 2021:

‘I can confirm that since we have been in receipt of your allegation that Bro Laurence has been suspended from all public ministry and roles he performed’ 

Rev Dcn  Des Bill

Independent Chair,


The email also states that the case will be managed by a senior and independent safeguarding professional ‘to ensure recommendations and actions taken are objective and not influenced by any person within SCOE or the De La Salle congregation.’


    • Indeed. All dead AFAIK. But there are still avenues to pursue where they are concerned which I’m talking to Catholic Safeguarding about. At the very least to get an apology/acknowledgement from the De La Salles. To anticipate everyone’s response – ‘It had better be a damn good one!’ It has to work for all of us – as an alternative to representatives of the DLS being placed in a public pillory, which I would personally prefer.

    • Update – Had a good conversation with Jo Norman today who is looking into this matter. I recounted my memory of the swimming pool assult and she would like to hear from anyone else who had experience of or witnessed the kind of behaviour that we are discussing here. We also briefly discussed a number of other individuals who were involved in similar matters. I think this is possibly a good opportunity to see some kind of consequence / justice for what these people got up to. If you feel you can and want to I recommend you in the first instance contact Des Bill with details. Des Bill

  1. Further to the links on your page I have emailed Des Bill in relation to BLH. I confirm I was a witness to the assult on the boy in the swimming pool. I’ve had an email back from Rev Dcn Des Bill to confirm receipt and to inform me he has forwarded it to Jo Norman who is the person managing this matter.

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