More thoughts on Brother Elwin from an Old Boy:

I too (and presumably lots of others) had the pleasure of the “little chat” with Bro. Elwin Gerard (or Decky, as we used to call him). It was a squirmy affair. The irony of a supposedly celibate religious giving us advice on sex was not lost on this cowboy. As ridiculous as the chat may have been, I don’t think it ranks anywhere on the abuse spectrum. Odd, bizarre, even inappropriate, yes, but not abuse. Ives on the other hand was a grim piece of work and any manoeuvre that got us out from under his sway was a good move. The only person more miserable than those of us under Ives was Ives himself; a casualty of war, Irish religious bollox, the perversion known as religious vows, and his own inadequate personality. I have often wondered if our parents, having relinquished their responsibilities as child rearers to a gang of simple-minded religious black-robes, ever doubted the wisdom of their abandonment of us at (in my case) the age of seven. Funny thing: my father never ever broached the subject of sex with his children. Do you suppose he put Decky up to it?


  1. I wasn’t alone in trying to avoid Brother Ives he wore glasses one of the lenses was misted to conceal his missing eye , he would often stare at you and took his glasses off then the stalk would stare too.

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