I’ve received the statement below from Catholic Safeguarding which I see as a positive and encouraging step forward.

“The information contained within some posts is deeply troubling.  We urge all victims and survivors of Catholic Church related abuse to come forward so that we can offer support and ensure that individuals accused of abuse can be referred to the statutory authorities for investigation.  We will take all necessary steps to ensure that those coming forward are listened to and supported, and that regardless of action by statutory authorities, risks posed by people who currently have roles within the Church are addressed. 

Please contact me at the Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency (CSSA) via or refer directly to the Police so that the appropriate action can be taken”.

Colette Limbrick, CEO, Catholic Safeguarding Standards Agency (CSSA)


  1. Thanks, Paul. Interesting challenges there! Not least because both of them had ‘NHS’ glasses. And the DLS obituary for your Brother James also described him as shy, quiet and timid. An obituary which the DLS hastily took down around the time I started posting about him. It’s definitely the same Brother James guilty of serial violent sexual crimes. Firstly because he was short. Secondly because he became Prefect of Discipline around the time you left. That’s not a job you give to a timid man. And thirdly he was always known as Brother James. Perhaps he was always Jeckyl and Hyde, abusers do hide aspects of themselves. And he had a cunning side to him which I don’t think has really come out, except via my testimonies about him. Or perhaps he became psychotic in the 1960s. I did see profound negative character changes in another DLS brother who taught us. Survivors of James’s abuse, including myself, would probably agree with me that he should have been sent to Broadmoor for his evil crimes. It’s an acknowledgement of this that I shall be seeking from the DLS via Catholic Safekeeping.

  2. I have read all the recent comments and feel that I should add the following. I first came across Bro James at Oakhill in 1955 and he had a reputation for being very quiet and mild. He was my form master in 57/58 at Birkfield and apart from a show of temper when he shouted that we were all stupid., he was again quite mild. I do not recall him hitting any one let alone using a slipper. His description is short hair, thin, with small round glasses. I was told that he ended up with dementia. At Birkfield at that time there were two Bro Ives, Ives Patrick (one eye) who made threats to knock your block off etc and Ives James who was very tall, thin, with very short hair and round glasses. I have seen him hit a boy round the face hard enough to almost knock him over. He had a reputation for doing that sort of thing but I did not come in contact with him very often so cannot add to that. I left in 1961. A comment mentions ‘to escape Ives’. I am just wondering if some confusion has arisen and that the Bro James mentioned in previous comments and the Bro Ives are in fact one and the same Bro Ives James and the blame is being put unfairly on the other Bro James.

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