Call for inquiry into former De La Salle school

An article in the Tablet 17th September with the headline as above. Here’s the link:

Good to see the story of St Joseph’s featured in a publication read by the Catholic community. And it’s encouraging to know that the Tablet was interested.

A few details I should comment on. I was the developer of Dredd, rather than its creator.  Brother Solomon – ‘The Swinging Monk’ – actually had a pop career as a pianist, not as a singer AFAIK.

And Brother Laurence Hughes is in his 70s.

The 90 year old referred to is another individual

3 thoughts on “Call for inquiry into former De La Salle school

  1. I was a boarder at St John’s, Southsea and Br. Laurence was the house master. I was both caned and hit with trainer/sneaker what ever you would like to call it. He was a sadiistic bastard with a temper. He didn’t hold back even though we were only 1st through 3rd year.
    Also had seen him with boarders on his lap.
    Then there was Br. Cyril, who would get boys to sit on his lap and steer the coach on the track at the sports fields to the main road.
    As for Laurence claiming innocence and not knowing what went on at St John’s, I call b.s
    It’s to much of a tight knit community, either a blind eye was turned or there was complicity.

  2. So if I understand correctly, SCOE have appointed an independent investigator and it is too early they say, if the investigation will go wider. Yet if the independent investigator finds broader evidence whether that is followed up will be the decision of….. SCOE !!!! Exactly how independent is that !!!! (With respect to you Pat and the other readers I will omit to print my reaction!!!! needless to say….same old …same old !!!!)

    • I share your concerns, Tom, and we’ve all been bs in the past. But the game changer for me is that Brother Laurence Hughes – head of the DLS, the equivalent of an arch bishop – has been suspended. That’s proof of credibility so far. And this has resulted in the Tablet, the Sunday Times and the regional newspaper all taking a keen interest in the De La Salles with possible further investigation and publicity. I’m talking to Safeguarding next week about involving Operation Hydrant. Despite its relatively narrow terms of reference and criticism of its past record, statistically it has a good conviction rate. Of course everyone’s dead, so how far they will investigate organised historical religious abuse – with its hard to prove connection to today – remains to be seen. My reaction to these religious filth is equally unprintable! so I know you feel! I’ll keep everyone posted!

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