I’m indebted to a fellow survivor who sent me this image of the current advert for St J’s.

It would appear that the La Sallian connection is no longer there.

So that’s progress.

Although I’m not alone in thinking the finances of the school and the De La Salles may still be linked in some way (as seems to be the case with St J’s Beulah Hill), at least they’re no longer flaunting their connection to a shamed religious order which – at the time in question 1960s – 1980s  – had a strong organised criminal element.

That said, last time I checked, two weeks ago, St J’s Ipswich was still listed as a La Sallian school – presumably because there’s some financial association.

And, of course, according to a recent media report, the current St J’s knows nothing of the DLS organisation and its past crimes from which they say they are entirely disconnected. So the Wikipedia entry is an error?  But St J’s is still connected with the great DLS achievements of the past.  Just not the bad stuff. Not the disgusting sexual abuse and the psychotic violence of the brothers. That’s classic moral double-think and hypocrisy which I had a gut full of as a pupil at St J’s, so that at least hasn’t changed.

The advert used to be  depicted like this (‘providing Christian education in the La Sallian Tradition.’)

It only took some seven years approx for them to change a sign that was deeply offensive and inflammatory  to me and many survivors. They might as well have said ‘In the Jimmy Savile tradition’.

Ironically, if they’d taken notice of my complaint at the time, this blog would never have taken the form it has – exposing the numerous crimes of the DLS and the Catholic laity with some positive results.

I hope not just ‘The La Sallian Tradition’ has gone away, but also the Kearney memorial prize – a teacher from my era who most certainly does not deserve to be remembered in such a complimentary and positive way.  As far as I can tell that prize, too, is no longer in existence. If so, that, too, is progress.

Exposing the crimes of the DLS and the laity and RC lay teachers with whom the order were closely connected is still a work in progress and I hope to update with more news soon.

As always, any information about them all will be  useful and valuable not just to survivors, but also to investigators.

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