An international day to recognize survivors of sexual abuse, bring their stories into the light, raise awareness of the widespread nature of the issue and organize for change in the culture that allows sexual abuse to continue.

It’s very appropriate that on November 3 a  De La Salle brother is to be sentenced for horrendous crimes at St Ninian’s School. ‘Scotland’s biggest-ever abuse scandal’.

He is Brother Benedict, Michael Murphy, who used an electric torture machine on children.

One pupil at St Ninian’s was force fed by him causing him to vomit and then made to eat the sick. Another boy who was at St Joseph’s (East Lothian) had his head held under cold water and was pushed into a hole containing urine and excrement.

Murphy, who had denied all the charges, claimed that an electric generator device he used to administer shocks to the children was nicknamed “the tickler” by the boys. He told the court: “They enjoyed the current coming through the wires, through their hands. They enjoyed the tickler.“

He said he had carried an object made from three long leather boot laces and used it to give boys “just a wee flick on the backside”. He said: “You have to have discipline.”

One former pupil who suffered at his hands described it as “a cat o’ nine tails”.

One man who attended St Ninian’s told the court that during his time at the institution Brother Benedict put his hand in a vice and tightened it, leaving him with a cut and crushed little finger. He was later diagnosed with gangrene and the digit was partially amputated.

On another occasion he was linked up to the generator with crocodile clips and the monk started winding a handle at “100 mph”.

He said: “I thought I was going to die. You can’t do nothing when you are getting electrocuted.” He collapsed and came round with the school matron who called him a stupid little boy because his pants were on the wrong way.

On another occasion the brother asked him to sit on his knee and punched him when he fidgeted. He was concussed and was aware of being touched under his clothes.

Here’s an account of an earlier trial of Brother Benedict:

Now a 64-year-old man, he was giving evidence in the trial of Michael Murphy, known as Brother Benedict, at the High Court in Edinburgh.

He claims to have been called into a room on the first occasion by the monk, who had something in his hands that looked like “little rods”.

The witness said Murphy put them up his shorts to his privates and he felt an electric shock.

He told the court: “I didn’t have a chance.”

Adding: “The one thing I can’t forget really isn’t just the incident itself, but he seemed to find it funny.”

The man said he “passed out”, claiming: “When I came to, he seemed to find this amusing. He was laughing.”

Here’s what ‘Doogster 61’, a Survivor of the De La Salle’s St Ninians School had to say:

Hi Pat, just to let you know, I was a victim of Brother Benedict.

St. Ninians Gartmore.

He was found guilty of 29 charges and will be sentenced on 3rd November. Waited 51 years for this justice.

DeSalle. The brotherhood from hell!

A complete misconception of the words pray & prey!


  1. Hi Pat, just thought I would update you on Brother Benedict St Ninians.
    Due to technical difficulties he was unable to be sentenced today, but will be sentenced tomorrow. I can wait another day for justice.
    Kind regards,

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