A further letter from Rocky which I have passed onto DLS Safeguarding and SCOE.

I hadn’t realised that parents had to pay for their children to go to a DLS approved school.

In this case where their child was grievously tortured and abused.

Rocky is asking that the DLS pay that money back to him which would still be admitting nothing.

Dear Pat,

                       My Mum and Dad both worked. Dad full time driving lorries and Mum part time and full time for the 6 years i was in the care of the DLS. Part of my sentencing to Approved School was that, after asking my Dad if he worked? and had he brought wage slips as instructed? The Sherriff then ordered a deduction from his wages at the rate of £8.00 per week. Starting from Nov 1963 rising to £25.00 in July 1969.(They were both working full time by 1969.

This money was to pay the cost of my welfare and upkeep by the DLS at St Ninians.

As has been proven in court recently the DLS plainly did not look after my welfare. I nearly died from gangrene and but for the skill of a gifted surgeon and only after many days of agony, being injected with massive doses of a new type of Penicillin, did the gangrene subsided enough and i only lost my finger instead of my life!! aged 10.

So im asking the DLS Order to return to me with interest all the monies deducted and paid by my trusting Mum and Dad 63/69 and by my calculations it should be a mere pittance to you. You did not earn my parents Money!! They were betrayed!!!  Give it back! You obtained it under the worst pretence of all, God!! You used their faith to cover up my abuse.

Do you think any parent would willingly pay to have their 9 year old abused repeatedly and daily for 6 hellish years.

Pay the monies back to me. Your admitting nothing DLS, only that you took money from my mum and dad and were returning it because you realize it was a mistake taking it from them in the first place and that its the Christian thing to do and the RIGHT thing to do DLS. 


Ps Edit it anyway you like Pat  

How much out of curiosity is £ 8 in 63 rising by £2.50 every year to £ 20 in 69? How much was  £20 in 69 worth in todays money?  I reckon £75,000 give or take, but i only got a “B” in maths.(Laughing)   Send them my bill Pat




  1. I have no idea to this day whether my parents paid for me to go to SJC or not. I assumed I got in on some deal or other because I passed the 11+ . Anyway, good for you Rocky. DLS – you should definitely be paying back the man with interest and while you’re at it, all our counselling fees.

    I always thought they were just weird, creepy blokes but the more I read, the more a pattern emerges of targeting, abusing, denying and covering up. There will be people who worked with/for DLS still alive now who are sitting on evidence for whatever reason. Do the right thing! It’s worse than gangrene.

  2. I’ve been told that before by survivors that you’re perants had to pay if you went to a De La Salle school they were mean tested you could make it up you’re perants unknowingly paid them to abuse you that was there policy on Scotland I dont know about England

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