Some details from Southbourne below. 1973. I recognised Kevin and Leo instantly before checking the text.  And maybe Wilfred was at St Jo’s Ipswich previously. Curiously, Brother Kevin looks the least threatening.

A friend is trying to find out about the Jesuit era at Southbourne when her father was educated there. So any recollections would be gratefully received.


  1. Dear Pat,                    I have been told today by Thompsons Solicitors that i can not have a Top Advocate`s (Barristers in England) Independant Advice about life changing decisions and implications of either acceptance of defeat and take the bribe or hang in and hope you are still able to enjoy the possible rewards  successful civil cases may bring in the distant future. For many too distant.My point Pat is…     De La Salle Brother Benedict AKA Michael Murphy was defended in The High Court in Edinburgh by Advocate QC Mr Moils a very impressive and quite brilliant performer. I the abused cannot get the same level of advice as my abuser because it will cost too much and with a max of £1550 for advice i might get Donald wheres your fucking troosers !… instead of a Queens Counsel how can that be FAIR  Scottish Gov Explain to an already teed off victim the morality of such a decision at this time Please.                                         ROCKY 1954

  2. I was at St Peters and recognise quite a few of them. Cyril was considered an abuser by several kids I know. One of the other Brothers, whom I won’t name, was thought to be gay (a “queer”) but not an abuser. Hence I’m not going to divulge his identity

  3. Kevin was certainly at Ipswich, as was Ralph Sherwin who moved on in about 57. Dennis Robert was at Oakhill until 55 and then moved to Assington Hall. Wilfred was still at Ipswich when I left in 61

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