This info in from an Old Boy. Hope someone can help.

I boarded at St John’s in the 90’s. I was involved in brother Cyril’s Court case, in 95, and subsequent not guilty verdict. I Google his name regularly to see if anything has ever happened to him. I would be very happy to talk about this creature. I am still in contact with some of the other boys and we have often wondered if tgere is anybody else out there

Cyril was headmaster at St John’s when I boarded there in the 90s. I was a witness at his two trial’s. The first was a mis-trial and the second not guilty
I was invoked in Brother Cyrils trials if you wanted to talk. 

7 thoughts on “BROTHER CYRIL – ST JOHNS

  1. I went to St.John’s College, Southsea from 1982-1985. Brother Cyral was frankly frightening – a sort of cringing obsequious charm, masking some deep power and anger that you could detect wasn’t that far below the surface. Whilst I had no contact with him, and refused to board, his presence was certainly felt. You made sure you kept well clear. But there should never be people like this anywhere near a school. I can’t say I have a good word to say about St.Johns. I spent a lot of time in a state of persistent anxiety and came out with just 4 ‘O’ Levels. I recall a teacher hitting one boy around the head until his nose bled, and another so cynical and bitter you felt like crying the moment you went into the classroom. There were other incidents. I don’t think many of the staff were either qualified or that interested in teaching. I’ve made these comments to others who went to SJC and was met with incredulity, being told it was a great place – maybe too many accept toxic experiences in childhood as ‘normal’? I just hope they haven’t taken this misplaced sense of ‘normality’ into their relationships, workplace or near children.

    • Thanks, John. My experience at St Joseph’s Ipswich was similar. For years I believed that the education, at least, was good. Today, I’d describe it as patchy with a number of poor teachers. I think it was easy to get taken in by the posh image of these schools whereas the reality was very different.

  2. The post above about Brother Cyril is totally incorrect! The first trial was not a mis-trial at all. And the second was not a “not guilty” verdict. In the first trial he was found guilty on 4 counts of indecency with boys from the school. The De La Salle Brothers then launched an appeal. At the appeal he was acquitted but the judge did state that what he did was no way for an adult to behave! There was bo “mis-trial” and definitely no “not guilty” conclusions. The author of the post was obviously not there!

  3. Hello, my name is David. I went to St John’s College from 1980 onwards. I was in junior school. Left at the age of 12 (I think) to go to another school. At St Johns, I experienced a lot of sexual contact amongst the boys, mostly the older boys touching the younger boys. Some may say this is normal. But we all know what this school was like. However, my real experience started when I was boarding at the choir school with Father Whitehead and Mrs. White. Did anyone else board at the choir school or have experiences from St. Johns college? Would anyone be willing to speak to me?

  4. Wow, I was under the impression he was found guilty & did prison time! In my mind he is a personification of evil.How parents found him so charming. He took vows & then behaved in a degenerate manner the most evil person I have had the misfortune to encounter. Ex Johanian 1973/79Andrew McNeil

      • He was found guilty on 4 counts! The above post is incorrect! The De La Salle Brothers launched an appeal and the judge aquitted him but stated that it was no way for an adult to behave. The author of the above post was obviuosly not there!

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