I’m indebted to a De La Salle Old Boy who sent me details of a BBC doc as follows:

You may like to listen to BBC radio Foyle from today because there was a man on who is 78 and was born in Convoy in Donegal. 

His story was fascinating. He was born illegitimate and ended up as an orphan who went to a school run by nuns in Derry. Early in his time at secondary school he was sent to Australia and went to a school in Perth, Western Australia, that was run by The Christian Brothers and from what he said it was the De La Salle Brothers. 

There he suffered terrible abuse. Since then he has gone on to start a company and he made a great deal of money and he has used his time to help investigate the abuse in Australia and here in the UK. He helps run various organisations that are focused on exposing abuse by the Brothers and claiming recompense.

The details of the programme are:

  • BBC Radio Foyle (based in Derry)
  • The programme was The Mark Patterson Show (Mark was not there today and the show was  run by a woman)
  • the programme starts at 13.00
  • The interview was from about 14.10 until 14.30
  • You can access it on BBC Sounds and it will be there for 30 days



  1. There was a ‘Christian Brothers ‘ school in Derry City but no DLS. There was a ‘Magdalene Laundry’ too ’til about 1991.

  2. Your correspondent above was at Clontarf School near Perth, Western Australia which was, and maybe still is, a Christian Brothers school and not in any way connected to De La Salle Brothers.

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