WHY ARE *WE* THE GOOD GUYS? New from Zero Books

I must do a quick plug for David Cromwell’s excellent analysis of the ‘free press’ of the Western world.  It’s a riveting read, and very well researched.

Here are a couple of my favourite quotes.

“Whenever there is a Western ‘intervention’ – an attack on yet another vulnerable nation – ‘responsible’ institutions snap into patriotic mode to support ‘our boys’ (and girls) once the missiles start flying and the bombs start dropping.  And, at all times, then ‘mainstream. media can be relied upon not to dig too deeply or too systematically into the crimes of the West. But the whistleblowing organisation WikiLeaks sounds a warning note for all media professionals, echoing the Nuremberg judgements, that: ‘if a journalist hides the truth they are not journalists; they are partners in the crimes they are hiding.'”

On historian Mark Curtis’ estimates of the number of deaths in the post-WW2 period for which Britain bears significant responsibility:

“As Curtis acknowledges, estimates of deaths in any conflict often vary widely and he does not pretend to be offering a fully scientific analysis.  But erring on the side of caution, he arrives at a figures of around ten million deaths in the post-WW2 period for which Britain bears ‘significant responsibility.’  Of these, Britain has ‘direct responsibility’ for between four and six million deaths.  These are shocking figures, and essentially unmentionable in corporate news and debate.”