Possible new information on Brother Kieran (Brother Kiern). There’s a link below to the original allegation which described Brother K as ‘The worst abuser’. Many De La Salle Brothers could be described in this way, but this man does seem particularly monstrous.

Looking at the dates, if he came to Oak Hill in the mid 80s that would fit.

But he was described as much younger, ‘perhaps 30 in the mid 80’s.’ That doesn’t fit.

The younger Brother K interested me because it meant he could still be alive. Memories can be hazy and in other respects the character below fits. However, it won’t be the first time that two De La Salle abusers have the same name. Brother James, for example.

So I rather feel there are two brother K’s – the Oz Brother K and the younger Brother K.

Certainly the Oz Brother K returned to the UK and died in London in 1997 and, given his Oz cv, children would have been at risk from him, too.

If the younger Brother K is still out there, this criminal needs bringing to book.

No help from the De La Salles or their Safeguarding protectors, of course, even though I have brought it to their attention.

It’s a very blurred photo of Kieran on the first page of the newspaper link below. But enough to recognise him perhaps.

Also, worthy of note: His death detailed on the first link. There is a painting at the top of two De La Salle Brothers holding up Jesus at the crucifixion while other DLS urge children towards the scene.

I have to say I found it the most arrogant and bad taste image of the crucifixion I have ever come across.. It’s quite sick.

Anyway – here’s the update and many thanks to my source for bringing this to our attention.

Your Br Keirn is almost certainly Kieran Rush, who spent nearly his whole career here in Australia, but was originally from Antrim. He passed away in 1997 as detailed here:

He came to Australia after graduating the novitiate in the mid 50s.  He was one of the founding brothers of DLS Revesby in 1960.  There are legal firms currently investigating his conduct there amid abuse allegations. 

Kieran left after a year to co-found Boystown in Queensland. This was by far the worst DLS school anywhere for abuse. The stories are endless. Brothers are still being nabbed for their crimes at the place. For example:

He was a senior man there for approx 25yrs until he went back to UK/Ireland.  No doubt nude swimming was the norm in rural Queensland.

There is a picture of him down this page: