Last month I was interviewed by Jose Barbosa for Media3, a magazine show on New Zealand’s TV3.  I’m only on there for a couple of minutes, but the the feature also includes 2000AD editor Matt Smith and Rich Johnston from bleedingcool.com.

Here’s a link to the show, the 2000AD feature kicks in around 15:00 minutes.

Jose and his cameraman came to my house to do the interview, so my wife snapped a few pics of them setting up.  I was very impressed by the lighting: they ran on battery packs.  I pointed out this marvel of technology to my wife, but she didn’t share my enthusiasm.  Also impressive was Jose’s modus operandi: they drove down to Colchester from London during rush hour, and spent no more than an hour in my house, before zipping off back to the capital, without even a cup of tea or a beer for refreshment. Such professionalism!

jose barbose interview1

jose barbose interview2

jose barbose interview4