Although focussing on Scotland, the information below is important for all Survivors of the De La Salles everywhere.

I’ve had a reply from the SCOE, the Catholic Safeguarding Agency that deals with the De La Salles. It’s detailed in full below, but the element I’m going to focus on in this post is the Scottish Redress Scheme organised by the Scottish government to help Survivors, even though the sums on offer as compensation are low.  But Survivors discovered that the De La Salles would not even sign up to this scheme.

However, here’s what the Rev Des Bill of the SCOE had to say :

In respect of the statement about the Scottish redress scheme, my understanding is that DLS are wishing to engage with this process and are still in discussion with the Scottish Government, so this is still ongoing.

In response, Survivor Rocky checked and here’s his informed reply:

Regarding the DLS and Redress Scotlands contributors list and my options. The DLS lied to you Pat!! The closing date for organisations to become contributors has expired and the DLS said no!!. Therefore my civil options will Not be affected if i sign the waiver and, as reluctant as i am, accept the Redress. The simple truth is that they said No to Redress. To contribute, you have to accept Liability and Apologise as part of the scheme. They can`t do that because it will leave them open to liability in England and everywhere else in the world.

I will pass on this information to the SCOE and request they discuss this with the De La Salles and enlighten us all and Rocky in particular.  The DLS claiming they’re still engaged when the matter is firmly closed requires a manipulative use of words more commonly  known as  ‘smoke and mirrors’.  It’s not the first time the DLS have used this technique as related previously on this site. Even their terse ‘Public’ Apology, drafted by a lawyer, was nothing of the kind. It would need to be in a national newspaper to reach any kind of audience of Survivors, as I’ve said previously.  And specific apologies are also required.

Rocky also expanded on exactly why the DLS said no. As follows:

Reading the rules for Redress it seems that the particular paragraph which caused them to refuse point blank to participate in the scheme or to contribute in any way towards the scheme, was the Acknowledgement.                     

This requires an apology, as well as financial contributions to the Scheme and “The Brotherhood of the Order of De La Salle” can never do that because it opens them up in England to liability. A precedent would be set. They are in a world of hurt!! They know now that the floodgates have opened, because of their arrogance and refusal to accept that they!! not anyone else!! abuse  us!!. This most corrupt of Catholic Orders wants the taxpayer to pay for their crimes whilst they shelter in court rooms and ironically… use the law and fancy barristers to delay, obstruct for years until the victims give up or die. Every solicitor and barrister in the UK will be launching legal claims against this odious Order on behalf of thousands of victims.  

Also, the SCOE themselves do not come out of this well, either.  They have passed on this brief response from the DLS without, in my opinion, doing due diligence as to its authenticity, clarity, or real and full meaning. Safeguarding Survivors should be their priority, not the DLS.  Thus far, it’s clearly the other way around. Here’s how Rocky asked me to put it to the SCOE:

The SCOE know full well that the DLS had a chance to join Redress  but refused!, without any reason given. You cannot join  Redress retrospectively and to say its my “Understanding” that they are still engaged in talks that finished 2 months ago, is a monster fib. They point blank refused to join the scheme and English taxpayers like myself who subsidize Scotland billions every year, will end up paying for DLS abuse in Scotland. The Redress scheme is expected to cost 300 million and DLS the main abuser of children in the world will contribute nothing and will not apologise. Ask SCOE for an answer, Pat, because passing on lies is equally as bad to a Survivor and they should be ashamed. They should find out the truth about Redress and stop lying to us all.

If the De La Salles have lied – or  been ‘economical with the truth’, or ‘manipulative with the truth’  through a calculated, misleading choice of words – and if the SCOE have adopted a partisan position to defend them, then this is most serious. The SCOE are meant to be safeguarding Survivors, but it seems protecting a powerful and wealthy organisation comes first. If this proves to be the case, as it did previously with the ‘Public’ apology, it cannot be ignored.

There is a great deal at stake here and this matter clearly needs the attention of the mainstream media both in Scotland and the UK.

Finally, to be abused by the De La Salles as children is bad enough; to be abused by them all over again as adults is beyond words.  Lying/being ‘economical with the truth’/or ‘manipulating the truth’ was a proven part of DLS abusers’ armoury when we were kids, and it seems they are still at it today.  

I’ll be sure to post the SCOE Reverend Des Bill’s response.


(A St Jo’s Survivor tried Safe Spaces mentioned below and he tells me he was not impressed and has not continued with them)

Dear Pat,

I acknowledge receipt of your emails of the 6thand 8th January.

I will forward the emails and statements contained within them to Operation Hydrant for their attention.

I would encourage any person who is a victim off abuse, or witness to it, to make direct contact with the police.

If any person believes they have not had an appropriate outcome to any previous disclosure of abuse that they have made, then they should consider speaking to the police or seek their own legal advice to assist them.

As stated previously SCOE are awaiting the conclusion of any related police investigation and recommendations made to them before considering what additional actions may be considered in respect of DLS.

As you are aware DLS have made an apology about the abuse suffered by any person who attended any of their schools and the statement is published on their website.

I would encourage any victim to consider seeking support through ‘Safe Spaces’; the organisation set up to help people who are victims of abuse within any church setting, within the Catholic Church in England and Wales and Church of England to assist them in finding a way forward in addressing the issues they face.

In respect of the statement about the Scottish redress scheme, my understanding is that DLS are wishing to engage with this process and are still in discussion with the Scottish Government, so this is still ongoing.

I would suggest any person alleging abuse in a Scottish setting to report this to the police in Scotland and seek their own legal advice.

Finally, I can confirm Barry Hudd is not a religious brother.

Best wishes,


Rev Dcn  Des Bill

Independent Chair


Dear Barry Hudd and Reverend Des Bill,

Or should I address you as Brother Barry Hudd? 

As you are in charge of DLS Safeguarding, I do think it’s relevant to inquire if you are a member of the De La Salle Order as at least one survivor believes.

A survivor of St Ninian’s, Rocky 1954,  asked me to bring this matter to your attention.  See his letter below.

Dear Pat, 

                   3 months have passed since DLS Brother Michael Murphy was convicted of terrible offences against myself and 28 others at Edinburgh High Court. How can an order of the Catholic Church(DLS) have no liability, no culpability, no redress, no conscience, no sense of guilt or even horror at what was done in their name!!.  Scottish Redress have informed me that the DLS have declined to contribute to the scheme.!! They use the best barristers in the world to fight an attritional battle against aged and infirm victims knowing that every legal argument or complex delay saves them millions in compensation. Every year hundreds of these elderly survivors die, so delay pays. I want, we want satisfaction but the DLS won`t even give us an apology. They answer to no one, regardless of pretences. The Salesians are Contributors to the Redress Scheme and as much as it galls they at least have acknowledged their guilt. Give them (the De La Salles) my contact details Pat and see how long it takes for me to get an apology or explanation why its taken so long and what they intend to do about myself and the other 28 who were so greviously abused and in my case lost a finger at 10 years old while in their sole care.

                                           Rocky 1954

The matter is further explored on this post

It highlights how two Survivors of the De La Salles feel about your order’s lack of response in the Benedict case. As a fellow Survivor of the De La Salles I stand with them.

Here are Rocky 1954’s contact details. (In my email to Barry Hudd)

I’ve included the Rev Des Bill in this communication. I’m aware Scottish Safeguarding is yet another organization but hope you can pass it on as before, Des. Or let me have their contact details and I will.

And I think this matter is also of concern to you.

Thank you.


Patrick Mills

Sent via email