A Survivor’s account below. Michael Murphy is Brother Benedict who received 7 years imprisonment on top of his previous sentences.

What is especially concerning is the actions of the headmaster Brother Thadeus described below.

Thadeus ‘set up an elaborate scheme where another boy on promise of release said he did it. ‘

So Brother Benedict putting a child’s hand in a vice was blamed on another child.

That kind of devious and corrupt thinking is typical of the De La Salles in recent historical times as the posts on this blog confirm and I know from my own experience.

Have they changed and when? No one has any way of knowing for sure. The De La Salles just tell us repeatedly how honorable they are today, praising themselves as spiritual icons, and we are meant to believe they are now all holy men, unlike their predecessors.

That requires an act of faith which must be difficult even for Catholics.

Their recent public apology which was not public and was barely an apology is not a good sign. Putting it up on their website only after I had raised the issue seems devious to me.

The criminal behaviour  described below was not restricted to one school. St Joseph’s College Ipswich had its own forms of De La Salle evil as recorded on this blog

It must cost everyone concerned – the De La Salles, the Suits who still protect them, Catholic Safeguarding and parents who still send their children to DLS schools –  huge cognitive dissonance to believe that none of this is relevant to the De La Salles today.

All four are living in denial and there is a price they will pay for this spiritually and psychologically.

The Survivor is still waiting for an apology.

The De La Salles have not commented on the St Ninian’s verdict.

Again, that puts them in a very poor light.

Here is this Survivor’s testimony:

Dear Mr Mills,

                        I am a survivor of abuse by both the DLS brothers and also the Salesians of St John Bosco order. You can refer to me as “Rocky1954” if you want to relay my story. I was the lead witness in the trial of Michael Murphy. A bit of background. I was born in Whitburn West Lothian Scotland and attended the local Catholic school. I persistantly truanted and was sent to St Ninians @ the age of 9. this was Sept 1963. Benedict raped me. He put my hand in a vice and crushed my little finger. Infection set in and i was given primitive medical care at the school and only after my whole arm swelled up and turned blue was a doctor called. He was very angry at the Matron an alchoholic and took me in his car to Stirling. Upon arrival at Stirling Royal Infirmary i was diagnosed with gangrene and for 4 days i was in and out of coma, while they were debating amputating my arm. A surgeon came from London. 3 more days on a new antibiotic and i responded to it. My finger was gone.!! 2/3  amputated. I was learning Piano and was grade 2. After the operation i had no coordination in my left hand and no feeling on one side of my elbow. My mum and dad didnt know i had been in hospital till i came home on leave.

The headmaster Bro Thadeus set up an elaborate scheme where another boy on promise of release said he did it. Benedict had nothing to do with it and they were believed.

I had no idea about previous trials in Scotland, ive lived in Leeds over 50 years and im afraid Scottish news is not freely read in England. I travelled to Edinburgh at the age 67 and gave my evidence. He was convicted of the offences against me. Assault causing serious injury leading to loss of limb. Lewd and Libidinous offences, which cover the serious and repeated Sexual Assaults.



                                    Rocky 1954