Two Survivors of Brother Benedict (Michael Murphy) have been in touch with me.

Both have the same issues with the De La Salles.

Namely, they have received :



And they have both rejected:


This Redress scheme by the government is doubtless because they feel some responsibility.

The government have invited the De La Salles to contribute to this fund and they have declined.

But other relevant organizations – the Salesians  (who also abused the first case below) and Save the Children (for charitable reasons)– have contributed.


He wrote to me today

Dear Pat, 

                   3 months have passed since DLS Brother Michael Murphy was convicted of terrible offences against myself and 28 others at Edinburgh High Court. How can an order of the Catholic Church(DLS) have no liability, no culpability, no redress, no conscience, no sense of guilt or even horror at what was done in their name!!.  Scottish Redress have informed me that the DLS have declined to contribute to the scheme.!! They use the best barristers in the world to fight an attritional battle against aged and infirm victims knowing that every legal argument or complex delay saves them millions in compensation. Every year hundreds of these elderly survivors die, so delay pays. I want, we want satisfaction but the DLS won`t even give us an apology. They answer to no one, regardless of pretences. The Salesians are Contributors to the Redress Scheme and as much as it galls they at least have acknowledged their guilt. Give them my contact details Pat and see how long it takes for me to get an apology or explanation why its taken so long and what they intend to do about myself and the other 28 who were so greviously abused and in my case lost a finger at 10 years old while in their sole care.

                                           Rocky 1954

Just to remind you, here is Rocky 1954’s original account:

Dear Mr Mills,

                        I am a survivor of abuse by both the DLS brothers and also the Salesians of St John Bosco order. You can refer to me as “Rocky1954” if you want to relay my story. I was the lead witness in the trial of Michael Murphy. A bit of background. I was born in Whitburn West Lothian Scotland and attended the local Catholic school. I persistantly truanted and was sent to St Ninians @ the age of 9. this was Sept 1963. Benedict raped me. He put my hand in a vice and crushed my little finger. Infection set in and i was given primitive medical care at the school and only after my whole arm swelled up and turned blue was a doctor called. He was very angry at the Matron an alchoholic and took me in his car to Stirling. Upon arrival at Stirling Royal Infirmary i was diagnosed with gangrene and for 4 days i was in and out of coma, while they were debating amputating my arm. A surgeon came from London. 3 more days on a new antibiotic and i responded to it. My finger was gone.!! 2/3  amputated. I was learning Piano and was grade 2. After the operation i had no coordination in my left hand and no feeling on one side of my elbow. My mum and dad didnt know i had been in hospital till i came home on leave. The headmaster Bro Thadeus set up an elaborate scheme where another boy on promise of release said he did it. Benedict had nothing to do with itand they were believed. I had no idea about previous trials in Scotland, ive lived in Leeds over 50 years and im afraid Scottish news is not freely read in England. I travelled to Edinburgh at the age 67 and gave my evidence. He was convicted of the offences against me. Assault causing serious injury leading to loss of limb. Lewd and Libidinous offences, which cover the serious and repeated Sexual Assaults.



                                    Rocky 1954

Rocky also added today:

If any other survivors of DLS approved schools in Scotland want my details or to contact me through your good self thats also fine. I have never seen such an intricate web of deceit and smoking mirrors as the DLS.


Good to hear we have one contributor to the Scottish government redress scheme Pat. Nothing from De Salle. The Scottish scheme requires a signature to waive your rights to pursue legal action. I,m afraid I wont be grasping the 30 pieces of silver and besides, the De Salle refusing to contribute leaves me no alternative but to pursue litigation.

As for the apology? More chance of the Pope chapping my door with an Easter hamper. It would mean nothing to me now. I have already got my justice with the conviction of Brother Benedict. Now they can justify it financially. Incidentally, the maximum the Scottish government are prepared to pay is £100K. Now, after waiting for justice for 52 years, that equates to £36 per week. Certainly seems the Scottish government are trying to protect the perpetrators in order to receive contributions from them. They should be suing them directly never mind asking for meagre contributions! I,m sorry but if any victims have the time and health on their side, then I suggest litigation is the only route for financial recompense. 


As a fellow survivor of the De La Salles, I stand with Doogster and Rocky – and so many more, like Rafael – in their search for justice.