Encouraging words from Doogster 61, a St Ninian’s survivor:

I also attended a residential school in Scotland, andI am happy to say my litigation against Brother Benedict, St Ninians Gartmore is now at the stage of financial negotiations with their insurers. I will keep you informed of the eventual outcome.

I believe one of your followers, Tam B. requested to talk to me in person.You can pass my email onto him.  If I can be of any assistance to him, it would be my pleasure Pat.

I am fully aware of the barriers and pitfalls you encounter when you are trying to obtain information and the mislaid, destroyed, fire damaged, perished,disappeared, dissolved, evanesced, evaporated, disintegrated, dissipated, discarded, discontinued, mice eaten, moth attacked, removed with demolition companies, sent to the school board, sent to the Archdiocese of Glasgow, sent to the Vatican, sent to the Home Office, it,s in the National Archive Libraries, the social work sevices have them, the DLS have them, its data protection, no access for 75 years, official secrets act, redacted, redacted, redacted etc. etc!

Think you get my drift Pat.

So yes after many many years of profound digging, I eventually found some of the documents that were relevant to pursue my litigation. The conviction of Michael Murphy (Brother  Benedict) has undoubtedly assisted in my pursuit. 

Therefore if I can be of any assistance to my fellow survivors I will be only to willing and  glad to help. This includes all of your followers. 

I know how frustrating and upsetting this will cause to some people who encounter the shield of covercy. Yes its demanding and extremely exhausting,  but the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment is truly consoling to compliment yourself in not taking no for an answer! Well done you!

I will attempt to find every piece of information that will provide the laws to bring these perpetrators to justice.

So i say to your readers and followers Pat, dont cede in your persistence for justice and if i can, -you can. Keep your faith and keep fighting until you can fight no more. Say to yourselves, “i will never be beaten again. Ever!”

My sincere thoughts to all my fellow survivors, and I wish you every success in our quest!

My sincere empathy to the friends and families who have sadly passed and didnt get the opportunity to witness the emergence of  disbelieved truth, justice, and punishment these bastards truly have self merited.


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