I’ve been invited on Sonia Poulton’s Breakfast show, Rise with BNT. (Brand New Tube) It’s twice a week, Monday and Friday. Very varied guests – but with a common theme of sticking head above parapets – speak live on Zoom for about 15 minutes. The date is Friday June, 10 at 8.30am.

I’ll be talking about Organised Catholic Abuse as manifested by the De La Salle Brothers and the Catholic Laity in the form of the Knights of St Columba. Objective? Apart from naming and shaming, as I’ve done on this blog, and making more people aware of the true criminal nature of the Catholic Church, I hope it will encourage other survivors to come forward.

i shall not only stick my head over the parapet, but go out into No Man’s Land where our compromised mainstream media have never gone – even though they know that these terrible crimes committed by the Catholic Church happened and are still happening.


  1. Did you know St. John’s college south sea is in administration pupil numbers fell from 600 to 256 . Whilst the brothers had left only a few years ago they continued to Maintain the standards set by the brothers . The blamed the inflexibility of their landlords in having to go into administration . No doubt their landlords were the brothers that probably had other uses in mind for 25 acres of prime land in Southsea

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    • That’s fascinating. I’ve often thought that ‘following the money’ is the only way to really understand the crimes of the Catholic Church. That would require a forensic accountant who could see past all the financial fronts and actually understand what was going on. I believe something similar to Southsea may have happened with St Joseph’s College Ipswich which now claims no connection with the DLS, even though the DLS still list them as a DLS school. Equally food for thought are the similar acres of prime land around my old school which are now profitably sold off as housing estates. Whether they were owned directly or indirectly by the DLS remains unknown. An old boy suggested to me that by having a school at the heart of this vast acreage may well have opened up long term financial opportunities and tax breaks. Certainly the Catholic laity – the Knights – were financially responsible for setting up St Joseph’s, just before WW2 IIRC, and I’m sure they didn’t just do it out of the kindness of their good Catholic hearts. Meanwhile, British journalists remain resolutely silent on these deeper levels of Catholic sharp practise and corruption.

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