I recently read a great original review of 2000AD by the legendary Mick Farren.  Many thanks to Colin Smith for tweeting about it, and to Paul Smith (@compu73E) for retweeting it to me.  Yes, there was a lot of tweeting going on…

Anyway, for those of you unfamiliar with Mick Farren: he’s a counterculture journalist (International Times, NME), author (Victor Renquist novels) and singer with The Deviants.

An image from Mick’s very amusing website, below.  Music to Marshal Law’s ears!

silver surfer longwinded prat
I have vague and drunken memories of seeing Mick play a gig with his band, The Deviants, in my home town of Ipswich, in the late 60s, possibly at Ipswich Art College, and it’s possible that the band’s name inspired Torquemada’s obsession with “deviants”.
In 2000AD’s early days we used to get regularly reviewed by the NME and other music papers, which was great.  I recall when I was starting 2000AD that the NME staff, who were a couple of floors above us in the King’s Reach tower, had just done a Pete Townsend and smashed up their offices, but because the magazine was doing so well, there were no repercussions – or so we were told.
A few years later, the NME reviews were actually approving and disapproving of individual stories in 2000AD, based on how ‘cool’ they thought they were.  More fool the editor at the time for being overly influenced by them, and sometimes neglecting the opinions of our readers.
I think I still have an NME photo of me sticking pins in a Margaret Thatcher doll – must try and dig it out some time.  Bit late in the day now, of course.


  1. Could it have been the NME staff who spray-painted ‘Tharg is a t*sser. Bring back Strontium Dog’ on the exterior foyer wall of King’s Reach Tower, do you think? I remember seeing it on my weekly visits to London. The 2000 A.D. crew were fair chuffed and had a photo of the graffiti in their office on the 20th floor.

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